Holiday Breakfast and Baking

The one thing I don’t stress about during the holidays is what I eat.  Between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day I eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  A fourth cookie?  Don’t mind if I do, thanks.  Now, truth be told, my pants are fitting kind of tight today and I’m getting slower and slower at grabbing those cookies.  That just means my plan is working…by January 1st I’m not going to want another sweet for MONTHS…which will keep the rest of the winter weight gain to a minimum and get me back in gear for spring/summer.
But speaking of food…this year I made lots of little goodies and yummy casseroles for Christmas.  I spent some time baking with the kids on one of my day’s off.  Here are some of our creations.
First up, Christmas morning breakfast for the kids.  I found both of the donut ideas on Pinterest.  They suggested using icing and other major-work decorations.  However, I had extra brown and blue mini M&Ms and orange Mike and Ike’s on hand from our ice cream cone turned into Christmas tree decorating plus red M&Ms from the Crispix mix and we always have pretzels in the house, so voila!

The blue reindeer eyes looked a bit creepy, but the kids LOVED them.
For brunch later that morning, I served both a Baked French Toast Casserole

Both were even more awesome because I had put them together the night before
and only had to pop them in the oven on Christmas morning.
And we also had lots of cookies on hand.
I love Christmas cut-out cookies.
The girls helped with some of the icing and decorating:

Did you do any baking?

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