Handprint Christmas Tree

I saw a picture of this project idea online somewhere (probably Pinterest!) and I loved it.

So I got us our own supplies:

Canvas, check.

Green paint, check.

Yellow paint, check.

Brown paint, check.

Foam brushes to paint the little hands, check.

3 little hands, check.

Stella was the bottom two layers.

Then a layer of Charlotte.

With a Henry hand on top.

I added the tree trunk, star and date.

Daddy hung it.

Family craft project = COMPLETE!

8 Responses to Handprint Christmas Tree

  1. Love it. The weather has been so crappy here that I haven’t felt like a trip to HL. Hopefully this weekend so we can start working on some stuff.

  2. Not sure I’m ready to take this one on yet, since mine couldn’t even really cooperate with thumbprints on an ornament this week. I’ll probably feel more optimistic next week, though! Yours looks fabulous!

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