Holiday Happenings – Downtown Dazzle

A couple of years ago we discovered a newer holiday attraction in Cincinnati, Macy’s Downtown Dazzle.  It occurs downtown (duh) every Saturday night in December up until Christmas weekend.  It was so great we returned last year and brought friends with us.  The main attraction is the 6:30 event.  Santa rappels off of a building.  For real.  Every Saturday night.  A very tall building.  And not just him, but also a reindeer and an elf (see picture below).  He then lands atop another building that overlooks our main downtown square, talks to the kids in the audience (he’s also projected on the big screen), and then kicks off a spectacular fireworks show.

A few things to know.  First, get there a few minutes early to enjoy the carolers on the square (they start around 5:30).  But this is an event you don’t have to be super early to.  Mainly because every standing spot is good since you are looking up.  The ice skating rink is a ZOO on Saturday nights.  Skip it.  Same goes for the line to actually get a photo with Santa before or after the show.  But do stick around for Mrs. Claus’ story immediately after the fireworks inside of Macy’s.  It wasn’t too crowded and the kids enjoyed the bedtime story before we headed home.

If you are planning to see the Duke Energy trains while you are down there (we did last year), take note that they moved this year out to the Museum Center.  Apparently there is a free shuttle from the Westin, but plan for more time due to the extra travel.


Anyone planning to go one Saturday?

This Saturday looks a little crazy for us, but we are hoping for good weather on the evening of the 10th!

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