Top 10 Kid Things I’m Anal About

So the longer I’m a mother and meet other mothers, the more I see how different we are.  In our own psychotic mommy ways.  And I say this in the nicest way and include my own “mommy crazy” in that.  I’ve learned how diverse our mommy pet peeves are and how to not let another mom’s personal pet peeve affect me anymore.  You know, that thing that you would never back down in a debate on, but in the end, it’s really just personal mommy preference and not really going to kill your kid either way. 
So here’s my Top 10 Kid Things I’m Anal About myself:
  1. Sleep – Oh boy.  This could start many an argument.  But in our house, bedtime is strict and kids have NEVER slept in our bedroom or in our bed.  Our preference.  You want a kid kicking you all night…go right ahead.  But not in my bed.  (Yes, I’ve slept in a child’s room while he/she was sick, but just for a few hours)
  2. TV – I’m in the middle here of most mommies.  I don’t mind some screen time, but I’m highly aware of what they are watching.  No Spongebob in my house.  Ever.  Not at these ages.
  3. Electronic Gadgets – My kids have played on my iPad a handful of times.  In the airport.  At my work cubicle, etc.  For some reason my whole body just cringes at the idea of them on electronics.  I know that there are fine games, learning experiences, etc.  But how can it ever replace a good old-fashion puzzle?  Or coloring?  With crayons and paper???  Y’all remember that stuff??
  4. TV in the Van – Our current rule is absolutely no TV anywhere near our house.  We used to have a 3-hour minimum travel rule.  But now, if we’re headed to Louisville, we do allow a movie on the way there.
  5. Food – Some say I am overly strict on this one.  My kids have treats and lots of them.  Just after eating 90% of their meal.  Even if they don’t “like” the meal.  I’m the mom who doesn’t cave to b-day treats at parties if my kids don’t eat the dinner.  99% of the time, the dinner is finished on those occasions.
  6. Food – I also don’t give up on a food that isn’t well received the first time around.  The rule at the table is one bite of everything must be taken.  Even if it is gagged and spit back out.  Too many times my kids won’t eat something the first time, but clean their plates when I try again a few weeks later.  Things seriously go from gag and “I HATE THIS!” to “Mom, this is the best dinner ever.”  Really?  Why do they do this to us???
  7. Food – One more…dinner as a family.  We rarely eat out and 90% of the time we all sit down for dinner together at the table.  Extremely important to me.  And we all eat the same meal.  I don’t have time to be a short-order cook.
  8. Outdoor Time & Sunscreen – I want my kids outside.  As much as possible.  Maybe it has a lot to do with growing up on a farm.  And with outdoor time comes my craziness about the use of sunscreen.  I posted about that awhile back.
  9. Babysitters – I also want my kids comfortable without us and to know that mommy and daddy need alone time.  Andy and I make an effort to go out alone and use a babysitter when we can.  We are also fortunate to have family help out as well.  So I’m happy when the kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a sitter on a Friday night.  Even if it means a little more junk food, movies, etc. 
  10. Swim Lessons – Neither Andy nor I are Olympic swimmers, but we both can swim and value that.  So both of us wanted our kids in swim lessons from an early age to get them comfortable in the water as soon as possible.  It’s the one thing we do every week at Kids First…and Henry finally starts next month!
What are your Mommy Pet Peeves or Things You are Anal About? 

Just wait until next week when I admit to you the topics I should care about, but don’t.  Like what’s in my kids’ mattresses or wall paint….don’t know, don’t care.  But I know I should!

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  1. I think I agree with you on all of these. Really. I wish I wasn’t a short-order “cook” and I don’t want to be, but both kids are underweight and I sometimes cave on that one.

  2. You’re amazing and I wish I could clone you. I am a parent educator who has never had kids. When parents come to me for advice I tell people exactly what you have just said and they don’t believe me because, “how do I know, I’m not a parent?”. It’s true, I don’t “know”. I am following the teachings of my mentors, who are other parents, and giving them the information that I beleive is best practice in the field, but it would still be great to co-teach with you.

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