My MOMent in the Leaves

Most weeknight evenings in our house go like this:
Rush out of work
Rush to daycare
Rush everyone into van
Rush home
Rush everyone out of van
Rush to potty and to wash all hands
Rush to get dinner done
(Andy rushes home)
Rush eating
Rush clean-up
Rush Stella with some piano practice
Rush play
Rush baths
Rush reading
Rush bedtime
See a pattern?  It’s not really that bad, but sometimes feels like it. 
Always rushing to get the next item in the evening routine
completed and checked off of the list.
But not last night.  Last night my husband had pick-up duty.
(And for anyone doing regular daycare pick-up,
you know how AWESOME this is.)
So I made dinner slowly and ALONE.
No baby at my heels or screaming at the base of his high chair.
No girls bickering during the witching hour.
I threw it in the oven to keep warm.
Then I went out and started raking leaves.
And they joined me once home.
And for 30 minutes, we just played.
And laughed.
And got dirty.
And finger-swiped WAY too many items from the baby’s mouth.
And fulfilled Stella’s wishes of having outdoor Halloween decor.
While also fulfilling daddy’s need to get the leaves up before the rain.
(Thank you pumpkin leaf bags!)
It was a great MOMent…

(Yes, mummy tattoo on forehead.  Thanks daycare.)
If you haven’t checked out My 3 Little Birds yet, you are missing out…
I’m linking up with Mary Lauren today.

4 Responses to My MOMent in the Leaves

  1. I remember the days of rushing out of work to pick up kiddos at daycare, then we’d all get home tired and grouchy! I so understand how special last night was for your family…just slowing down a bit and enjoying each other. Hope you have many more evenings like it! And thank you for linking up your MOMent Tricia!!

  2. Awesome MOMent!

    So glad you had such a fun time and had the luxury of time to enjoy yourselves. And the picture of Henry about to chomp his foot is priceless.

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