Am I At My Tipping Point?

You’ve been there, right?  You’ve made a quick buying decision and later had complete buyer’s remorse, right?  You’ve felt so stupid about it, right?  Because you are smarter than the decision you made, right?  But what was the experience really telling you?  Was there deeper meaning?

What a week I’ve had of stupid decisions that I am definitely paying for now.  Let’s not talk about the fact that the garage entrance finally jumped out and grabbed my driver’s side mirror and had its way with it.  No, let’s not bring that up.  Nor the fact that it was during daylight, in perfect weather, without the kids screaming causing distraction nor with the radio blasting.  No, let’s not revisit that one.  Ugh.  (Yes mom, it finally happened.)

Let’s instead discuss the already outrageous $3.60 Starbucks drink that ended up costing me ~$40 in shipping two ways and hours of time I’ll never see again.

The highlights of this story are that this week I agreed to meet with a very nice lady who was selling some products.  Some deliver-to-your-house-monthly, much-better-for-you-and-the-environment products.  Delivered?  She got my attention.  She was a lovely woman, very genuine and very knowledgeable and I was listening to her while happily sipping my Starbucks.  So I was hooked and instantly enrolled.  And then I left.

And the gut feeling didn’t sit right.  What had I just done?  What had I committed to?  And I did a little research, talked to some friends.  Gut feeling grew.  Pyramid scheme?  Not really.  Not by the truest definition.  Multi-level Marketing (MLM)?  More likely.  Good products?  Who’s to really know?  Who’s to really know about any products we use with all of the different claims of solid research and then scandals?  Some friends liked some of the products, some did not. 

But it wasn’t about the products actually.  It was about the commitment.  The monthly obligation.  When the first shipment arrived the very next day (wow, the quickness even made me uncomfortable) I realized I suddenly felt TRAPPED.  I reread the part she circled about cancellation, called the number to cancel, faxed the cancellation form, mailed the same cancellation form to guarantee my escape, wrote the lady a sincere apology and felt a burden lifted the moment I lifted the package to be returned onto the post office counter.

Do I recommend this company?  I have NO IDEA.  Parts of it definitely didn’t sit right with me, but I never even opened nor tried a product.  Apparently many people use it and love it and are very satisfied.  I have no right to an opinion of it myself.  I never gave it a chance. 

However, for me it was more about another obligation, another thing to manage, something else to have to keep up with.  (V – You were so right with your diagnosis!) The idea of that apparently overtook me in an almost subconscious way saying screaming…”RUN!”  Maybe it’s a sign that I’m heading towards overload.  As the “Household Manager”, am I at my tipping point?

For now, I’ll stick to my Green Bean Delivery…which we are still enjoying (check out that sweet potato).  Delivery = still awesome.  With flexible terms and obligations I am comfortable with.

2 Responses to Am I At My Tipping Point?

  1. household manager? I’m laughing becuase every year I try to get the dh to put domestic engineer on my occupation part of the tax forms. So far no luck – just a measly old homemaker. sigh…..

  2. Jennie stopped doing it because she didn’t like the pressure of having to commit to something every month. The only reason it works for us is because we use the products and never have a problem filling the “quota” each month. I have to ask – was it easy to get out of the agreement? Sometimes these companies are HORRIBLE to get out of once you enroll!

    Saying all this – I would never enroll anyone unless they’ve used the products. When friends and/or family members are curious about the products I always purchase them under my account and encourage them to use them regularly until they are comfortable with the commitment. My mom likes a few of the products and doesn’t want to mess with the hassle of doing a monthly order so I order every once and a while for her, same goes with Jennie. There’s still a couple things she likes and has me order for her, which I’m always happy to do for anyone! Keep this in mind if you ever want to TRY anything! It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t be) an all or nothing scheme. Next time someone tries to sell you something without samples and giving you time to consider further – RUN! 🙂


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