Top 10 Tuesday: What Do You Mean That’s Not News?

Andy and I took the kids to his parents this past weekend.  Yes, another weekend in the van.  Yippee.  But it was a good trip and we actually left the oldest there until this Thursday!

Anyway, on the way there and back Andy would occasionally use my iPad in the car.  I have not spent a lot of time looking into Apps so he was checking into things like Flipboard and Pulse.  He was telling me how cool Pulse was because you can quickly see the news you prefer…CNN, etc.  So I start asking him about being able to import blogs.  Because, ya know, that’s my news interest these days. 

So then he looks at me (I could sense his facial expression from the corner of my eye since I was driving) and I can just tell what he’s thinking…”So this is what it has come down to, I’m married to a woman who is no longer concerned about world events, but has to keep up with a family across the country that we don’t even know which could also result in my wife doing another craft she doesn’t have time for.” 
YEP!  Well, not exactly.  I do scan the CNN headlines every morning at the computer and I do have on the local news while I’m getting ready.  But when I have a few minutes with the iPad, I’m not taking a deeper dive into the economic crisis or the London riots (see I know what’s going on)…I’m more likely to be reading one of my following favorites:
  1. The BFF’s blog.  Because although we live only 10 minutes apart and talk almost every day, she still writes about stuff I don’t know about!  Blasphemy, I know.  Her adventures with her 5 kids are too funny to miss. 
  2. Kara over at June & Bear is what I consider my very first virtual friend.  She went to college with some of my real-life neighbors and I’m so glad we got connected via blogging.  Her posts are so motivating and her craftiness is AMAZING.
  3. Dwija is hilarious.  I’ve told ya’ll in the past that I am catching up on her blog…month by month.  I think I’m finally into June.  Someday I’ll be current!  Anyway, my most favorite posts of hers are about taking your kids to church and not being negative.  Great reads. 
  4. I’ve just recently found the Daily Doty.  And I’m hooked.  This post made me LAUGH and this post made me CRY.  She’s a working mom (Excuse me, working-out-of-the-home mom…there…satisfied SAHM who I almost offended?  Sorry on a rampage due to a recent SAHM vs WOHM article I shouldn’t have even opened.) so I can totally relate.
  5. Mary Lauren at My 3 Little Birds writes beautifully about all things.  In a deeper sense.  I like how her posts are very thought provoking.  But, because of that, I don’t always stay caught up…because I don’t feel like it’s something I can read while multi-tasking!  However, I keep coming back and trying to locate where I last left off…
  6. Sarah Markley is another one like Mary Lauren.  Deep writer with deep thoughts.  Love it, but need to stay more caught up.
  7. There are a few I read just for fun and weekly links.  Like the Anderson Crew and the Embrace the Camera.  Or oh Amanda and the Top 10 Tuesdays.  Or Kelly’s Korner and the SUYL Fridays. Or Simple as That’s Sunday’s Simple Things. Or A Bit of Sunshine’s Ten on Ten…which I have to remember is tomorrow!!
  8. Nourish is my place to keep myself on track with having healthy eating habits.  I love Cherylanne’s realistic recipes and tips.  I think it helps that I actually am lucky enough to know her in person.  If only she knew how much that adds to the pressure of keeping me on track.  She totally holds me accountable without even knowing it.  I often ask myself when picking something up at the grocery…”Now, what would Cherylanne think?”
  9. Then there’s Marian Schembari whose social media tips I truly enjoy and learn from.
  10. And finally there are the handful of personal blogs I read that are written by friends and co-workers.  Some are private blogs so I won’t list them here.  But I enjoy keeping up with new babies, their families and their planking adventures…ya’ll know who you are.

What are you reading?  CNN?  Blogs?  How do you balance your intake of news?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

9 Responses to Top 10 Tuesday: What Do You Mean That’s Not News?

  1. My understanding of current events is shameful because I read so many blogs. I somehow rocked a recent pop culture competition amongst peers which surprised me. Not really news-related apps, but our friends got us hooked on Doodle Dandy and Sound Drop last weekend.

  2. Awww, thank you so much, Tricia! I have to say, I stay ahead of my blogs way more than news.
    I’ve also started talking about my blog friends by name and my husband is like “Wait a second, who is Dwija?”
    Who knew such fantastic friendships could be formed through the internet.

  3. I am just seeing this! Thank you so, so much for the sweet words about My 3 Little Birds. It means a lot Tricia!
    Most of the blogs you’ve listed here are by friends : ) But thanks for introducing me to some new ones too!

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