Top 10 Reasons the Pirate Ship Needs Published

We know someone that recently built a Pirate Ship in their backyard.
We attended the Ship’s Christening on Saturday afternoon.
Here is why I think it needs to be published in a magazine (Parents, Family Fun, etc.):
1. What better lesson on math, reading, art, etc. than building your own Pirate Ship.  This family did this project as a family this summer.  For real.  They even planned Pirate-themed dinners to end the work day.
2. It has the coolest bell.

3. And a steering wheel.

4. And underneath, you can have camp outs.
5. And dress ups are totally ok.  Tinkerbell?  Check. Fairy Butterfly Princess?  Check.
6. We also saw lots of pirates.  LOTS of pirates.

7.  Like for real…it’s in their backyard.
8. And even has portholes.

9. They even designed, sewed and painted a family emblem on the flag which is on a pulley system.
10.  And the slide?  Super fast.

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