Johnson’s Buddies Soap – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

Have y’all ever used this stuff with little ones?  LOVE it.  If you are an all-natural or “green” parent, you may not approve because (confession) I haven’t done my research on its ingredients.  Everyone else…the easy-grip bar is awesome!  We’ve had a little history with this simple bar of soap…

2007: Received for baby shower gift in a big basket of bath stuff.

2008-09: Loved both the lavender and the “regular” scent.  Stella could wash herself without the soap slipping everywhere.

2009ish: Couldn’t find the lavender anymore…then couldn’t find the regular one in stores either.

2010: Saw “discontinued” sticker on store shelves.  Couldn’t find anything online that wasn’t extremely expensive.  Small quantity on Amazon for the price of college tuition.  Considered it because we loved it so much, but faced reality, mourned the fact that the soap was no longer, and somehow managed to get on with our lives.

July 2011: Bag of soap delivered to our house from our friends with the above note.  They found it again at a local Walmart and basically cleared the shelf because they loved it as much as we did!

Today: You can find it EVERYWHERE!  Not sure what happened…distributor changed?  Ingredients changed?  Apparently there were some ingredient questions in some of the J&J baby products awhile ago?  (If the discussion board I found tonight was true. )

So if you are looking for a bar of soap for the tub that a toddler can easily hold onto…look no further…these are awesome.

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  1. We have never tried it. We are a Dove bodywash kind of crew but this looks cool. Josie might protest because she loves “slippery soap.” It’d be no fun if it weren’t slippery.

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