Hitched and Stitched – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

Some of you might remember way back in February when I had the Spotted Elephant make a cookie monster hat for Charlotte’s birthday.  Click HERE to see that adorable thing again.  Well, she’s been at it again.  However, she’s in transition to a new name…Hitched and Stitched.  Apparently in taking their idea a step further and thinking about an Etsy shop, etc. they discovered there are a lot of Spotted Elephants already out there…bummer! 

And here’s what happened while the cute married couple discussed this:
“Darn, that’s a bitch.”
“But we’ll still stitch.”
“Yep, I’ve got an itch to stitch.”
“I’ve got an itch for a sandwich.”
“You’re making me twitch.”
“It’s time to ditch it all and stitch.”

“Maybe we’ll stitch and get rich.”
“Oh, don’t be a witch…it’s about more than getting rich.”
“Yes, it’s will enrich our lives, since we’re hitched.”
“It’s our niche.”
“We need a name switch for when we make a sales pitch.”

Ok, so I made all of that up, but it could have went down that way. 

So what has she done for me lately?  Well, she’s made me both a sunglass holder and some pot holders for my BFF’s new kitchen.  Because every new kitchen needs new accessories, right?

And awhile back at the beginning of the summer, Hitched and Stitched helped a friend of mine out-of-state with a birthday party favor…coin purses!  She had the most adorable birthday party for her 7-year old.  It was a movie party complete with a concession stand.  So each guest got a monogrammed coin purse filled with “money” to buy treats at the concession stand before the movie.  So they had to practice their money skills.  How cute…and educational…and fun!  Here are some pictures of that:

So whether you are near or far, if you need something stitched…check out her new blog (especially this non-craft post about how to make a chocolate chip-oreo love child because oh.my.yumminess!) and her website or facebook page that are still in name transition.

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