Embrace the Camera – Charlotte

Oh Charlotte, you have been such a little angel
with the absence of Stella this week. 
You have fought us on NOTHING. 
You’ve been sweet, using your manners, and such a helper. 
You have been trying to feed, soothe,
and even bathe Henry at different times. 
I will miss the day you stop calling him “buddy”. 
I hope it never comes. 
When I picked you up from school on Wednesday
you asked if “sissy” was coming home. 
(Do you even know your siblings really
are Stella and Henry and not buddy and sissy?) 
You then said you wanted to hug and kiss Stella. 
You said, “I miss my sissy.” 
We miss her too. 
But I’m also afraid that when she returns
we’ll miss this calm, kind, tender side of you. 
But you wouldn’t be YOU without your spunk and feistiness
and constant need to make Stella’s life (and mine) challenging! 
I’ve learned a lot about patience, giving attention,
and following through on punishment from you. 
You definitely still keep me on my toes.
But one things for sure…no one snuggles like you!
And when you scream at me, “MOM!
I love you (all the way) to God!”
it absolutely melts my heart.

4 Responses to Embrace the Camera – Charlotte

  1. Such a sweet tribute to Charlotte. Sibling dynamics are amazing. What a nice treat for her to have time to show her gentler side, to care for Henry on her own terms, and to miss Stella. Lovely.

  2. Her little face is so gorgeous…how could she ever be difficult? I have found that intense sibling love makes for even more intense conflicts at times.

  3. One of the best and somehow most unexpected things about having more than one for me was watching them interact with one another, watching the bond between them grow.

    I love the name Charlotte, by the way.

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