7 Quick Takes Friday: First Edition

  1. Can you even believe that this little baby is getting to be such a big guy?  Here he is checking on his big sisters out the front door.  He’ll be walking soon!
  2. I finally caught up-to-date over on House Unseen.  It’s kind of weird.  Unless I fall behind again, I’ll only be able to read one new post a day.  Huh.  In honor of catching up, I’m participating in 7 Quick Takes…a post she regular does.  Although, even she will admit it…hers aren’t always quick
  3. Since I’m doing 7 Quick Takes I tried to find the blog button…but seems like it’s not there.  Or I just can’t locate it.  So I’ll be uploading it as a .jpg and trying to put a link on it.  This should be interesting.  (didn’t work so I just linked the caption – those of you that have a better method…help me out!)
  4. While catching up on House Unseen I came across this article on SAHMs needing help and then I saw this post about surviving multiple kids. All I have to say is this: working moms need help too (neither implied they don’t) and no one needs to be a martyr.  I know a few moms that “hide” the fact that they have help…some are SAHMs.  And I know some moms who feel that getting help is showing defeat.  WHY?  Moms need help…lots of it.  I was blog-hopping and found this quote HERE on The Life & Times of M&M: “One reason we struggle with insecurity: we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” – Steven Furtick  SO TRUE!
  5. Therefore, I was HAPPY to help out a girlfriend today who was in a babysitting bind.  Her need for help resulted in me hosting an awesome Play-Doh party this morning on my day off.  Yep, Play-Doh.  4 toddlers happy for 1.5 hours.  All it cost me was 30 minutes of time to clean up afterwards (it was a MESS) – well worth it!
  6. Speaking of Play-Doh, we don’t get it out very often which is why I think the thrill of it lasted so long.  In fact we just today opened the Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shop Charlotte got for her birthday.  In February.  The kids loved it.  I hated it.  Because I was a necessary participant the ENTIRE time.  The ice cream swirler and topping making thingamajigs were so difficult to operate I could barely do it.  Cute results, but be prepared to help out and get really irritated at the machine.
  7. On a totally random note…we’ve had a lot of health issues surround us lately – friends, friends of friends, and family.  I’ll leave it at that…so just keep sick people, surgery people, normal human medical procedure people, sick kids, really sick kids, etc. in your thoughts and hug your little ones a little tighter tonight.
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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday: First Edition

  1. Yay! 7 Takes!

    You are so sweet, Tricia. I can’t tell you how it touches my heart that you went back and read every single post like that. Wow. You’re awesome 🙂

    p.s. I couldn’t find the blog button either, so i use the .jpg. if you click the photo and then click link, it should let you link the photo itself.

  2. Playdoh for us in on the deck. Next time you are over, check out all the pretty colors under my pine trees. Yes, that is fossilized playdoh that I just swept off the deck. I am a lazy one sometimes.

  3. @Dwija – Thanks for the info on the blog button! And, I will admit, it made it easier on your blog since there weren’t YEARS to catch up on.
    @Krista – Andy would kill me if I did play-doh on the deck…but I love that idea!

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