Top 10 Writer’s Block…It’s Been a LONG Day

Yesterday was my day off and although we got a lot accomplished, (Stella’s 4-year vaccinations, Henry’s first eye appointment, Krogering, Costco, Slip ‘n Slide party with the neighbor, etc.) that meant that TODAY was my Monday back in corporate.  Argh.

And it was a busy one…an 11-hour one.  Double ARGH.  So instead of having great ideas for today’s Top 10 Tuesday, my mind just couldn’t pull it together.  I was facilitating a 4-hour workshop tonight on Competencies and felt pretty incompetent.  What 10 things to blog?  Current favorite TV shows?  Top 10 Celebrity Crushes?  (Only got 6 on paper so far…seriously, mind = mush.) And then there’s the topic of baby showers floating in my head due to a suggestion/question from a friend…tried to turn that one into a Top 10, but failed.   (But baby shower post soon to come this week!)  So, no Top 10 this week.  But if you have ideas for future topics, let me know.

What else was clouding my mind today?  Babies in restaurants…or the banning of them.  Click HERE for this hot topic today.  A restaurant is banning kids aged 6 and under.  I’ve got many thoughts around this one, but not the energy to put structure to it.  Basically, more power to them.  It’s my right to choose not to go there.  But I probably would!  A dinner without kids?  HEAVENLY.  As always, the comments are most amusing.  BUT, more importantly, that article led me to this ABSURD article…click HERE.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY? 

But the biggest time sucker (notice, I didn’t say WASTER), has been my discovery of this great blog:

Seriously, go to it and start from the beginning.  Click HERE for the first post.  And then work your way forwards from January until now.  I just finished March and am loving post after post after post.  This gal is brave, insane (in a I-can’t-believe-she’s-choosing-to-do-“insert blog topic” kind of way), funny, and down to earth.  It’s honestly like reading a great book you just can’t put down…but she’s living it and telling the story day by day and so I’m climbing into bed with the iPad night after night instead of working on that stack of actual books by my bed.  Have you clicked over yet? Do it.  But definitely come back.
And for all of those great bloggers that had their heads together today…check out their lists by clicking below…I always find one or two titles I just can’t refuse…generally followed by great content on the other side of the click.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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  1. Oh my goodness Tricia….you are just too kind! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words. I have been enjoying your comments immensely and I am so happy my posts can entertain you.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!

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