Say What??

So I just jumped through a TON of hoops and red tape in order to babysit my BFF’s foster child.  Part of this process included finger prints, background checks, etc.  And one important document was being delayed by months due to cut-backs, etc.  So I FINALLY got the final paper about a week or so ago and glanced at it.  Then could not believe my eyes.  Remember, this was REQUIRED to be an official foster care babysitter.  Can you squint your eyes and read the last paragraph?

“The Central Registry was not designed to be used as an applicant screening device (for child care related employment or volunteer work, or for foster care)…blah, blah, blah…and should not be used for this purpose.”

Say WHAT?  Seems contradictory to me.  But now I’m all official and stuff.  Funny how the BFF waited until I did all of the paperwork before adding the foster child’s sister to the picture.  I’m officially crazy for watching her 4-5 kids whenever she needs!

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