Puddle Jumpers – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

I’ve read LOTS of things that are against the use of water wings, swimmies, floaties, or whatever you want to call them.  The biggest “against” being that they provide a false sense of security and some swear that the child will never learn to swim without them, etc. 

Both of my girls are in swim lessons every week at a great place.  However, neither one of them can swim alone yet.  My oldest is not a fan of getting her face wet.  Kind of a problem since swimming involves…wait for it…WATER.  But she’s been doing better lately.  My youngest is a FISH.

While in Florida this past weekend I picked up two things at Target…a pool noodle and some Puddle Jumpers.  Swim lessons use the pool noodle with the oldest so she loved being able to use that in the pool on our trip.  Now the noodle is DEFINITELY NOT a reliable flotation device, but Stella was used to it, loves it, and someone was always right there with her.

The Puddle Jumpers were a life saver for the youngest.  Although someone was ALWAYS within an arm’s reach of her, she had the freedom to kick and swim and jump off the steps all on her own.  AND it gave me the ability to take both kids to the pool by myself one afternoon.

So if you are looking for a great option for your toddler, I highly recommend it.  At $17.99 it’s more expensive than the $5 blow-up water wings.  BUT for a few hours at the pool (again, by myself with a 2 AND 4 year old), it was well worth it.  And it’s even a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

And, just to throw this in there for you “false sense of security” folks…I made both of them see what would happen WITHOUT the floaties…yep, they know what it feels like to SINK.

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  1. awesome! i have been wanting something like this. I will have to lift my ban from Target in order to grab a few! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. It’s so funny to see this b/c I just saw a little boy Luke’s age at the pool with the puddle jumper this weekend and I wanted to go to Target that instant to put him in it to save my legs being constantly kicked in the water and help my aching arms trying to hold this wriggle monster who just wants to GO GO GO in the water! Great stuff! -Kim

  3. Those people who are against floaties do not take multiple small children to a pool at one time! Gus loves to jump in the pool now and “GO UNDER.” If I didn’t keep floaties on him, I wouldn’t be able to take him. I give him the last 15 minutes or so at the pool without them jumping to me. He knows he will sink and LIKES it. My crazy children!!!!!

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