Girls Trip

Tonight I’m up late packing.  It’s going to be a weekend trip for me and my girls to visit my dad.  A first for us…all of the girls.  Stella and I have traveled together, but not with Charlotte.  Should be interesting exhausting amusing.  As I’m packing, I’m thinking of all the great “Girls-Only Trips” I hope to have with them in the future…and how different they will be from today.
Crayons and coloring books, flash cards & early readers

Wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues
Extra panties/pull-ups in case of an accident
Snack cups and sippies
Special blankets and baby dolls
“Tangled” and Princess songs on the iPad
“Purses” filled with “new” miniature treasures (aka stashed-away party favors and McD’s toys!)
Playpen and car seat at the destination

A good book/magazines
Great music on the iPad or equivalent
Manicure/Pedicure at the destination

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