Top 10 Names for My iPad

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I’m loving my new iPad.  More than my children I’d like to admit.  I’ll have another post soon about all of the fun time suckers things I am able to do with it.  In all honesty, it’s probably saving me some time with multi-tasking, etc., but it is truly a TOY.  An indulgence.  But now I must name it, because every iPad needs a name, right?  No, I opted out of engraving it (because that just seemed weird), but I still think it needs a name.  I asked for suggestions on Facebook and here are a few of those (the first 5) along with my own additions (the last 5).

  1. GAL 9000
  2. “I’m sorry Dave.  That video requires Flash.” (So apparently both #1 & #2 were references to 2001: A Space Odyssey which I only know because of Google.)
  3. Paddy or Padtrick…due to me being Patricia?
  4. Zsa Zsa von iPad
  5. Elvis
  6. Something from The Golden Girls.  Apparently it’s cool.  A co-worker has an iTouch named Blanche Devereaux and a Blackberry named Estelle.  So, Dorothy? Bea? Rose? Betty?
  7. Paddy-Cake.  Because Henry’s latest accomplishment is clapping on command when you say “Henry, Patty Cake!”  And it’s so cute, that if we incorporated “Paddy-Cake” into our conversation more at home, it would be worth it to see him light up and clap.
  8. Stella’s choices?  Boney, Stella, or Gnomey…what???  Lesson learned.  Don’t ask your 4-year old to name the iPad.  Should have known better after living with “Baby Jesus”.
  9. i-Tampon or i-Kotex.  It comes up everytime you search Google about naming the iPad.
  10. Better yet…Maxine.  Maxi for short.  Can’t you hear the girls now at the airport arguing, “Give me back mommy’s Maxi pad!”  Or asking, “Mom, can I play with your Maxi pad?”
Tough decision, suggestions?  Votes?  Do you name your electronics?  Fess up.
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