Stuff Stella Said Part Two

So awhile back you got a glimpse of some of the things Stella has said.  Here’s the latest:

Stella: Mom, Mamaw and Pops are 1000 ways.
Me: 1000 ways?  What do you mean?
Stella: You know, far.  They live in Kentucky.

Two days later she sees a picture of Union Terminal on the TV.
Stella: Mom!  It’s the museum!  It’s in Kentucky, right?  It’s a 1000 ways too.
Me: No, it’s in Ohio.
Stella: Oh, that’s only 100 ways.
Me: Ok.
So now every distance is currently measured in 100 ways or 1000 ways.

Scene: Bedtime.  Picking out books to read. 
Stella: Mom, can we read “ch” 2?
Me: “Ch”? What’s that?
Stella: You know, “ch” 2.  Daddy read “ch” 1 last night.
Stella: (with a smirk of realization) Yes, chapter 2 of our new library book.
Me: Got it.

And for those of you who are still with me, this one’s the best.  We went to the zoo on Saturday (pictures above) and while I gave Henry a quick snack Andy ran the girls down to see the gorillas.  This conversation occurred without me, but she repeated the entire thing word by word, so I know it really happened.

Stella: Look dad, at all of the gorillas.  And that one is the momma gorilla.
Andy: How do you know it’s the momma gorilla?
Stella: (serious as can be) Because it has the biggest bottom.
Argh.  That’s what I get for marrying a man with a small tight ass.  And damn my love of sweets.

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  1. Love the gorilla story! My girls have noticed the sizes of backsides lately too! Tonight mine were talking over dinner about how G was going to marry little man as soon as he comes out. M said you can’t marry someone in your family silly, you can only marry someone you don’t know. Pretty much!

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