Seven Thirty Three – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

Many of you have now noticed that “Take 10 with Tricia” looks a bit whole hell of a lot different.  I was in dire need of a virtual makeover.  When I started this blog in January, I promised myself that I would get it going for a few months and then give it a face-lift.  I wanted to be sure I kept writing and that I had a few (so maybe there are 10 of you) tried and true readers.

Then June & Bear updated her look and I thought, “WOW, I really got to do something” because she looked FABULOUS.  So I looked into her designer but they aren’t available for months.  Then I got connected to My Three Little Birds and Mary Lauren said she was very happy with her blog designer.  SO that’s how I came across seven thirty three.

Kim at seven thirty three was awesome. I gave her the “woman clock time” illustration I had discovered on iStockphoto a few months ago and my favorite colors and BAM! she made it all happen in less than 24 hours for an extremely reasonable price.  And we are BOTH happy to report that we went with modification “E” and didn’t have to go through the entire alphabet to make me happy.  How she got it right so quickly, I’ll never know. 

I’ve got to say that it is totally ME and I just love seeing it pop up every time.  And the fact that it only cost me the same cost of a haircut/eyebrow wax just makes me giddy.  AND her craft blog is FUN.  So check her out and show her some love.

What’s up next here?  I have been slammed at my real job that place that actually cuts me a paycheck so my thoughts are scattered lately.  I have a lot of great things trapped in my head ready for blog-land. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some upcoming topics:
Garage Sale Lessons
More on Religion and Choosing a Church
Double “Blind” Dating – How to NOT Make a Bad Impression
More Great Things Out of Stella’s Mouth
Shout-Outs for Uppa Baby and Frontgate
My Personal 20 by 20 (check out June & Bear’s HERE)

Stay tuned…and thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. You motivated me to at least try a differnt background. Let me know what you think. I’d love to customize but I don’t have any ideas yet.

  2. BTW – consumer reports just knocked the Britax lightweight stroller b/c it said the brakes don’t always work as one might imagine. Instead….they reccomended the uppa light – whew! Thank goodness! I haven’t even opened mine yet but I would not be happy if it had already had some problem. Yippee that it does not!

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