Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Your Best Shot

Through June & Bear, I came across Paper Mama’s Photo Challenge.  The current challenge is the best shot you’ve taken of your child/children/pet.  I thought about this for a minute and selected the above photo.
It may not be the absolute best photography…but it captured everything I had hoped.  Our love of the beach.  Their love of play and running.  And most importantly, the girls’ love for each other.  
Check out some other great photos in the challenge through the button below…
The Paper Mama

5 Responses to Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Your Best Shot

  1. You only thought about it for a minute? I guess that’s because you had a great one in mind. I love this shot. You can feel how happy they are.

  2. I LOVE this photo. I have it in my office and EVERYONE who sees it can’t but utter..”ahhhh” or “how cute” or “what a great px”. This snapshot absulutely tells a story that makes one smile. -proud mom & grandma

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