NOT for Sale

This little one had a rough day.
From the very start.
Lots of “NO!” and “MINE” and tears.
She even put herself in time-alone a few times.
All before noon.
Then we had 2 birthday parties to attend.
So she also had NO nap.
She pulled through by staying busy outdoors.
Playing hopscotch with “sissy” and blowing bubbles at the first party.
Climbing and sliding at the park playground at the second.
Loving that cupcake.
She is definitely my stubborn child.
Strong-willed and determined to go against you.
Just for the sake of going against you.
She takes my patience to a place it’s never been before.
So it’s no wonder that I found this note folded up
in the pocket of her shorts while doing laundry recently:

I had a good chuckle.
Oh Charlotte, I’d never really sell you!
(FYI – We had taped this to our little picnic table during the garage sale.)

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  1. This may be my favorite post so far – love her spirit! She sounds so much like my second right down to the taking random things (such as the for sale note) and either putting it in her pocket or hiding it some oddball place to be found at lord knows when! This is great though!

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