Father’s Day 2011 Part 1: Beerfest

Since I was in Nashville this week, I took the opportunity to look like a drunk fill my trunk with Yuengling and some other beers for Andy for Father’s Day.  Seriously, this is what my trunk looked like and you can’t even see it all:
I got some odd looks at the grocery as I huffed and puffed while pushing the completely full cart around the store and then added 2 bananas on top.  Wish I could have caught some of those faces on camera.  I was finally getting so many stares in the checkout lane that I offered up, “Father’s Day gifts” and suddenly I was the coolest wife/daughter/friend ever in their minds.
I went ahead and gave the beer to Andy this morning…hard to hide all of it.  He was thrilled.  The rest of the present from the kids will be revealed later.  More on that to come…

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  1. Ooooh, I love this…for ME, though! hahaha!!! I’m a beer girl…my husband I swear is allergice to alcohol. His face gets all red and puffy! Very creative idea!
    xoxo Marissa

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