Cullen’s Abc’s – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

I was rushing around the kitchen trying to get things ready for Stella’s b-day party and also trying to decide on this Saturday’s shout-out…what to do this week?  Then I got a Facebook message from a distant relative (both in location and connection).  She suggested I check out Cullen’s Abc’s on YouTube and on her actual website.  And I’m glad I did! 

How many times has your child come home from preschool or daycare humming a tune, trying to sing a song, and doing some sort of hand motion you weren’t sure about?  Charlotte does this constantly now.  I try to decipher, but can’t always get it right.  Cullen’s Abc’s has TONS of songs WITH HAND MOTIONS!  Go…check it out…now.  It should amuse your preschooler for HOURS.

Oh, there are also some other focuses on her YouTube channel.  Seems as though she is an actual preschool teacher in California.  Therefore, she has some great videos on activity ideas for your preschooler as well as Christian Songs and Children Stories. 

I am so glad I came across this.  I will say that it’s definitely in “vlog” format.  So don’t expect professional videos from a camera crew.  But that’s what I love about it.  It’s like being in front of a real preschool teacher and each video is short and sweet.  It’s going to definitely be saved in my Favorites!

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