Just Another Manic Monday

There’s nothing like being out of town all of last week for work and then getting up last night with Henry at 2:30 AM…and staying up to hear all of the storms this morning and then it was suddenly time for the alarm to go off.  Unfair. 

Makes for a very non-productive Monday back at the office.  Luckily Andy was able to take him to the dr. this morning so I could make it to a meeting, but then I came back home to hold my sick baby all afternoon.  (He’s fine now.)

And then I was going to be so productive when we got the kids to bed early.  HA!  Welcome Round 40 of our thunderstorms this year.  Right at bedtime…thanks.  Only delayed us an hour and then Andy spent another hour calming fears…because “rumble rumble scares me” and I could no longer convince the girls that it was just a train.  The neighborhood train is loud, but the lightning gave me away, damn it.  And they just weren’t buying it that the train was going on and on and on.

So here I am trying to play catch-up.  The laundry is going, dinner for tomorrow is thawing, work papers are scattered, emails are being read and returned, the check list is getting shorter…and then longer again as I realize new tasks to add.  So, yes, I’m taking a break to blog.  Working momma needed a break.  I’ve got about a million things to catch up on including the personal stack of bills/paperwork next to the desk…and you? 

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed today?  Maybe I’ll sleep in until 5 AM tomorrow…that would be nice.  Please cooperate kiddos.  Momma needs sleep.

Seriously, check out that stack!
If I owe you something,
the chances are that it’s in that stack.
And you should see the unopened mail.
In all seriousness, I know it could be much worse.  The storms this evening may have been a hindrance, but my family snuggled up in bed and went to sleep under one roof with all of our dearest possessions, including each other, intact.  My heart goes out to those affected by the recent tornado…again.  The stories from Tuscaloosa, AL a few weeks ago were sad enough and now the poor people in Joplin, Missouri are suffering something awful.  My prayers are with them.

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