I LOVE Field Trips!

Read yesterday’s post first.  Go.  Do it. 
Ok, welcome back.  So now you know that I am out of town. 
Alone.  By myself.  Doing whatever I want to do. 
Which means I’ve been listening to this in the car:

I don’t mind Tori Spelling.  She did name her daughter Stella, so she must be ok. 
I’ve never actually watched any of her newest shows…just the old 90210.
And Henry was born on that day…so it can’t be too bad.
And this book is pretty interesting and funny.
All things considered, she’s just trying to be a good mom like the rest of us.
Then again, “like the rest of us” is often very different.
Here’s today’s example of how she’s NOT like me.
Tori talking about getting pregant with her 2nd child so quickly
(when baby #1 was around 6-months old):
“And I had already given away all of my maternity clothes.  Because although we knew we wanted more kids, we weren’t going to even start trying until Liam was at least 1 and by then ALL of my maternity clothes would have been out of style.”
…chuckles the woman who wore the same maternity clothes THREE times!
(I’ve never said I was fashionable.)
Being alone means I’ve also been SHOPPING.  Alone.
And NOT on a time limit.
And there WAS a Ross right by the hotel on the way to Kohl’s.
And many purchases were made…for me, for Stella, for Charlotte, for b-day gifts and baby presents, etc.
And I finally found my size flip flops at the Old Navy down here.
Happy momma.

And then I finally stopped and refueled:
And now it’s time to go to bed.
All while poor Andy was home dealing with
a 8:30 PM (our ped is awesome) dr. appt. and pink eye.
Although Charlotte apparently LOVES the eye drops and laughs hysterically.

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