How to Make Mother’s Day…Memorable

Remember my thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  Well, this year, I’m sorta feeling the same about Mother’s Day. 

How to NOT really have the best Mother’s Day:

  1. Be sure that the Saturday before Mother’s Day is a great day!  Spend that morning volunteering at the awesome GOTR 5K (pictures HERE).  That afternoon, have all of your kids behave, play nice together and even go get ice cream while running a few errands as an entire family.  THEN have your kids eat their ENTIRE dinner without being bribed  even though it’s something you never thought they’d even touch.  Make bedtime enjoyable…no fights, no fussing.  This way you set yourself up to think, WOW, how can tomorrow be even better?  Because it WON’T.
  2. Go to bed that Saturday around 10:30 and then get up at 1 AM with a fussy baby (no fever).  Make sure the baby is not happy unless you are pacing the floor bouncing him up and down, up and down, up and down until about 6 AM.  Every time you try to sit or stop (because he closes his eyes), be sure he is content for only 10 minutes and then gets wide-eyed and starts fussing all over again causing you to repeat the pace/bounce routine. 
  3. Since you’re already up…go ahead and get the grocery shopping done at 6 AM.  Be the only woman at the store watching all the men come in early to get donuts, flowers and balloons for their moms/wives.  And go before Starbucks is even open.  Bummer.
  4. Have your husband go into work that Sunday before 7:30 AM and not be expected home before dinner.
  5. When the girls get up, discover one of them has wet her bed.
  6. Cancel dinner plans with friends you rarely get to see.  Feel guilty because now those moms have to provide dinner to their families.  Ponder this decision for awhile, but then look around the house…no, a tornado did not come through…but there is still no way you could entertain anyone anytime soon.
  7. Have your son spike a fever that afternoon causing a trip to Urgent Care because he’s still extremely fussy and now won’t eat.
  8. Have a potty-training child pee all over the bathroom floor…while sitting on the toilet…should a girl “fountain” like that?  Seriously??
  9. Have dinner and baths be a complete struggle.
  10. Before going to bed, check on the girls.  Realize that Stella has already wet the bed although she’s barely been asleep 2 hours. 

Redeeming factors for me:

  1. I got some great Mother’s Day cards from all of the kids and Andy.
  2. Kroger was practically empty in the aisles and the shopping was QUICK.
  3. Henry did not cry until the check-out line.
  4. The girls did not kill each other while I took a shower that morning during Henry’s nap.  A showered mom makes a much happier mom.
  5. Andy arrived home at noon and did NOT have to return to work.  Therefore, I got a quick nap after reading Cinderella to Stella while snuggled in my bed.
  6. Andy sat at Urgent Care and then Walgreens.
  7. I was able to clean out both of the girls’ closets while they played nicely in their room while Andy sat at Urgent Care. 
  8. I got to go out tonight (the day after) for dinner with a bunch of girlfriends who also happen to be moms.  It was a great way to unwind after yesterday.
  9. I get to spend tomorrow with my own mom…headed to the Cleopatra exhibit and then Half Day for lunch! 
  10. These days are few and far between…and if it’s the price I pay for being able to be a mommy…I’m in!

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5 Responses to How to Make Mother’s Day…Memorable

  1. Isn’t that just the way?! So sorry your day was a bust, but I’m glad you could see the silver lining. We really need to embrace and celebrate those “perfect” days when they happen, huh? ;o)

  2. Hi! Great before and after pics of the closet organizing! And you can’t beat early morning shopping!
    Visiting from TTT! Nice to “meet” you!

  3. I’m so glad you had your Saturday to balance out that Sunday! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! To add to your “thankful” list: the fact that you can shop at Kroger. No Kroger in Chicago and it makes me SAD!

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