Embrace the Camera: Stella Style

Stuff Stella said:

Stella: I know how to say fox in Spanish.
Me: Great!
Stella: It’s coyote, right?
Me: Not so much. (Dora is apparently slacking.)

Stella just recently moved to the 4-year old room at daycare although her birthday isn’t until June.
Stella: Hey mom, is my birthday in April now?
Me: No.
Stella: I think we should have a party anyway.

Stella loves riding her Strider balance bike and Andy was getting all philosophical about the learnings of balance and her ability to ride a 2-wheeler someday and probably skipping training wheels due to the balance bike, blah blah blah.
Stella: Can I just go now?  Can this be over?  You’re talking too long.

Charlotte was crying one night at bedtime right after I left the room.
Stella: Don’t you want to play soccer someday?  You have to stop crying to play soccer.
Charlotte continues crying.
Stella: You are hurting my ears.
Charlotte continues crying.
Stella: Fine.  You won’t play soccer.

Stella: I want a boyfriend.
Me: And what are you going to do with a boyfriend?
Stella: I want to go get pizza or hot dogs.  He can sit by me in the van.
Me: And when are you going to do this?
Stella: When I’m 28.

Charlotte wins Toy Story Yahtzee (again).
Stella: Charlotte, you won!
Charlotte: No, I two.
Stella: No you WON!
Charlotte: No, I two!
Stella: Fine.

And last night right before dinner Henry was crying in his high chair.
Stella:  Cry it out buddy.  You’re just gonna have to wait.
Do I really sound like that?  Eeeeek.

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