What Stresses Me Out

Blog Challenge Day 28: What’s something that stresses you out?

Other than this blog challenge?  Ummmmmm…CLUTTER and disorganization.

I know, hard to believe from a woman whose dining room still looks like THIS most days.  I think I have just blocked that room out of my mind.  I pretend it is a LARGE closet and has doors. 

But speaking of closets, mine has been stressing me out a lot lately.  Most people get stressed about “major” things…not me.  I usually just go with the flow.  It’s smaller trivial things that get to me…like cluttered closets.  I think it’s because I know I have more control over those and so it stresses me to find the time to actually do something about it.

Not only did I have multiple sizes crammed into one space – everything from maternity clothes (I just can’t seem to give up a couple of sweat pants and long-sleeve t-shirts that are SO comfy) to post-pregnancy but still have baby weight clothes to “normal” clothes….BUT I also had too many seasons all vying for the prime spots in the closet (some shelves are more accessible than others).  And, of course, instead of cleaning it out I had begun just making even more stacks on the floor!  So everytime I opened the door…I shuddered.

Until last night.  Actually 2 days ago, I unloaded EVERYTHING onto my bedroom floor – all of the closet shelves and all of my dresser drawers.  Knowing Andy would be away for two nights in Miami I decided to retreat to my bedroom each evening after the kids were asleep and sort through my clothes and get organized.

And it did take two evenings.  But in the end it was a success!  And I had a large bag of clothes I will most likely never wear again headed to the donations pile.

Much less stressed in my own closet…but now to tackle all three of the kids’.  Season changes and size changes…argh.  That means I’ll also have to sort through bins in the basement…double argh. 

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