Ten on Ten – Spring Style

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It was a busy Sunday at our house…

Baby Henry was up bright and early…
I feel a first tooth coming in on the bottom:
Stella had her last “Church School” of the year
and a celebration afterwards:

Early lunch and a quick nap for Charlotte
(in Stella’s bed because she really wants a big-girl bed and not a mattress on the floor):

Stella chose to read quietly in the guest room for rest time:

Henry meets the Easter Bunny at the Neighborhood Egg Hunt:

Although the park was MUDDY,
the girls both got plenty of eggs:

Perfect afternoon for a cook-out with 2 neighborhood families:

Charlotte spent 2 hours licking a ring pop to the very end:

The sun coming through the pear tree in the driveway when we arrived home:

No, it’s not snow, girls…just magnolia buds:

Charlotte’s bed has a frame thanks to an hour
between the Egg Hunt and the cook-out:

Stella says, “good night”:

Yes, I can count…but which two would you have cut?
Exactly…so there are 12.

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  1. Charlotte has a big-girl bed! She looks proud. Love the 2-hr ring pop. I think the company should market it that way. Stella’s looking so big! Glad you had a busy and fun Sunday.

  2. what a fun day! I have 2 little girls also & they look like they are the same ages as yours (4 and 2.5) And, I love the names Stella & Charlotte…they were on our short list of names…you have great taste 🙂

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