10K Tuesday – TIRED

Yep, writing this at 12:52 AM.  Just finished 4 hours of work on the kitchen computer…and, unfortunately, it was “real office work” work.  Yuck.  So, getting up in 3 1/2 hours to hit the treadmill…not seeing it in my future.  The past couple of weeks have just been ROUGH at our house.  I think one kid has had a fever each week.  And Andy and I are both working like crazy recently. 

I will definitely complete the 10K on the 30th…just a lot more walking than jogging or running.  It’s always a bummer to not reach a goal as you had hoped, but learning to adjust and accept compromises is just part of life, right?  I thought it would be easier to train for it.  I thought my stress fracture wouldn’t return.  I thought I wouldn’t be so TIRED. 

I am so so so so appreciative of everyone’s thoughts and DONATIONS!  I am almost to my goal for GOTR.  I really only need $40 more to reach the $500 since I have $80 in cash from the Booze and Bows party and other work donations.  THANK YOU!!!

Weight Watchers is still going well.  I do go over my points.  Every. Day.  However, I am eating so much better and that is actually keeping me somewhat healthy.  I even turned down a Krispy Kreme donut.  I am focusing much more on fruits and veggies.  And that trickles down to the kids.  Here’s a quick peak into our kitchen earlier tonight:

The girls helped me get the grapes cleaned up and put into a container for the fridge.  I grabbed the camera because they were BUSTED for eating more than working. 

Great Blog Challenge Day 5: Your Siblings…same link as yesterday.  Being totally lazy.

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  1. Training for the 10K was HARD for me – but I was never a runner and it took me like 4 steady months to train for it. The hardest thing I learned is how to find your pace. Once I figured that out, I felt like I could run forever! One of the best things I’ve ever completed, for sure. If it wasn’t for my crazy gf JENNIE I wouldn’t have ever thought I could do it!

    I’ll be there cheering on another close friend who will be running the 5k! I plan to run the 10k again to get back into shape after I get preggers with no. 2 (no news yet). I seriously loved every minute of that 10k race!

    I hope everyone in your house gets well (consistently!) soon! BTW – thanks again for the DVDs. Jen is currently putting them to good use!


  2. thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Good Luck with the 10K. (I hate running)

    I hope you all stay healthy. My youngest has been fighting a cold. but he’s 14- so much easier on me now then when he was little and sick (which was often)

    check out my fruit-filled blog entry today!

  3. Except for taking walks, I haven’t worked out in five years. I admire you for your 10K goal and the fundraising to boot!

    P.S. — Some time when I am in Cincinnati, can I hire you to teach me how to make hair bows?

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