Tricia’s Time-Out Trip

I have a lot of great topics running around in my head, but have to wait until I return home to sort out what I’ll throw out there next…I’ve just been plain lazy lately…and my brain can’t think.  Could be the Malbec…

You see, these past couple of days have definitely been a time-out for me.  My friend and I found support for our husbands and hit the road…well, the airport.  We left on Saturday morning without kids, without diapers, without our food scissors, without wipes, without sippy cups, without “Do you need to potty?”, without “Because I said so…”, without “Don’t make me tell you again…”, without worries of homework, piano practice, schedules or routines.  We were like two kids all sugared-up; ecstatic and not able to contain ourselves.  Read her need for a Mommy Business Trip here.

Our trip has been fun and filled with hot food, Starbucks, sleep, a boat cruise, beach views, movies, the Oscars, peanut-filled stuff (her kid has a severe allergy), fresh seafood, Skyline, headband crafting, wine, beer, drives down the long stretch of A1A on the ocean, magazine reading, blah, blah, blah.

My trips to Lauderdale have definitely continued to evolve.  I started coming down here as a child with my parents – weeks full of the pool, the beach and ice cream cones.  In college, my dad said he’d bring me down for a week if I could locate an ID (I was 20 at the time).  I guess it was his way of chaperoning and making sure I didn’t kill myself on spring break.  He literally took me to all the bars and carried me home at night when I’d drink too much.  I sat at the pool the next day (after sleeping until lunch time) with a large hat and sunglasses until we partied again that night.  It was a trip I’ll never forget.

Fast forward to getting married and introducing Andy to the area.  We both became addicted to cycling after one trip.  We could sleep in, stay at the beach all day, eat at fancy restaurants, and stay out late at night.  And then our little blessings came.  We still found a way to get there to visit Papa Kenny, but now the logistics were more complicated…pack ‘n plays and car seats were needed.  Schedules and routines to consider.  Bottles to pack.  Sand toys to purchase.  Different restaurants for dining.  So far we’ve still succeeded although Stella and I did come alone last summer.

This current trip threw me all out of whack.  It was unlike any other.  And my BFF was a trooper being submerged into my get-away spot, my dad, my restaurants, my grandma & aunt, my FL routine.  I had fun and think she did as well.  It was a great way for us to get far, far away cost effectively and enjoy FUN, SUN, & FOOD.  And shopping!

Tomorrow morning we board our plane back to reality.  But after a few days away and feeling recharged, that reality is not the list from the second paragraph, but rather: hugs, kisses, “I love you mommy”, smiles from Henry, marching bands through the kitchen, Stella reading me stories, Charlotte now telling me “good job mommy” when I potty (since she’s started potty training), “Bless you mommy” when I sneeze, snuggling up on the couch with my man, dancing in the kitchen with the girls, blah, blah, blah…I can’t wait to get a hold of them and wrap my arms around them.

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  1. You forgot that we actually sat down to eat too! Had a blast. Recommend all girls try to get away every once in awhile. Can’t wait to kiss my little ones faces off!
    Krista (aka BFF)

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