Hair Bow Holders and a Fat What??

Last week a friend sent me this LINK and I just had to make the hair bow holder above – because I needed another craft project, right?  But seriously, the girls so desperately needed a spot for all of their hair bows to be displayed instead of crammed into a bin inside their dresser drawer. 

The instructions stated I needed a “fat quarter“.  I had NO IDEA what that was and from process of elimination assumed it meant fabric.  So I headed to Jo-Ann’s and strolled around looking for scraps of cool fabric.  I was about to leave when I was pulled toward their version of the dollar bin…I’m a sucker for them at EVERY store.  And there, right in front of me was this:

A Fat Quarter!  Then I kinda got it…it’s a scrap of fabric rolled up like a quarter, right?

So wrong!  My dear co-worker set me straight the next day.  She was laughing so hard when I told her my story.  She does TONS of awesome things with fabric.  So she explained that Fat Quarter is a SIZE defined HERE.  I found a few more fat quarters that were not indeed rolled:
Armed with a lot of supplies, I matched up fabrics with ribbon color and got to work: 

Here are my first few samples:

This is the one I’m keeping for Stella & Charlotte:
Want one?  The steps were pretty easy to follow if you are also a crafter.  Or check out the Headbands, Hair Bows, & Holders updated page for more information if you want me to do the crafting.  I’d love to make one to match your daughter’s room or if you need a unique gift for someone!
How do you contain all of those bows??

3 Responses to Hair Bow Holders and a Fat What??

  1. HILAROUS about Fat Quarters. You crack me up!

    I’m definitely using this system for C’s hair bows. Will you show me what you use for the frame/shell this Saturday?

  2. That’s a great idea! All those hair bows and clips can really start to take over, huh? This is a great way to keep them under control…and it’s pretty! Thank you for linking up with News from Your Nest today!

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