10K Tuesday – Weight Watchers

So I’ve basically started my 10K training all over again.  That’s the downfall of winter, sickness, kids, a busy life, (insert more excuses here), etc.  But I’m pushing forward and I’m back on the treadmill.  Like I stated before, I WILL complete the 10K…even if I have to walk it.  Completing this as a SoleMate for GOTR is so important to me.  And a huge thanks to the donors I have so far.  I particularly appreciate being chosen as my BFF’s Sharing Saturday topic…click HERE to read more.
So onto another health topic.  Food and food choices.  Yesterday I joined Weight Watchers online for the first time ever.  Some of you may recall that Andy and I followed the WW program back in 2002 with huge success.  We never actually joined back then – we learned from others and found free website resources to follow.  I discovered the formula and calculating points was easy.  But this time I needed more and found my way to the Weight Watchers website.
So why am I doing this?  Some of you asked and here’s the answer.  I had three kids and each time it’s gotten harder and taken longer to get back to my “normal” size.  I currently have a closet full of clothes I cannot yet wear.  Instead I’m stuck rotating the 3 pairs of work pants that do currently fit and my choices for the weekend generally have elastic waists.  And ya’ll know I’m too frugal to spend money on more.  I keep telling myself, “I’ll eat better tomorrow, next week, starting on Monday, after (insert some event name here – like Charlotte’s birthday in February, because I HAD to eat cake for every celebration), etc.”  And I just never found the motivation. 
I have two problems.  The first is a snacking problem.  The problem is not that I snack…it’s that the “snacks” have turned into cookies (currently many boxes of Girl Scout cookies – I’d curse them all, but the little girls are just too cute and how do you curse a 6-year old and an 8-year old for your own sugar habits?) and candy (the new Snickers Peanut Butter = YUMMY).  The second is a drinking problem.  HA!  Somehow my strict water-only past has turned into Starbucks (how many calories is my drink?!?) and Cokes…Cherry Cokes, Vanilla Cokes, and just plain old Classic Coke.  These problems drain me.  They add no energy to my day.  And I can feel it. 
I also have a clean-your-plate issue.  Except it’s more like a clean my plate, Stella’s plate, and Charlotte’s plate type of issue.  Luckily, I’m not into finishing off any of Henry’s rice cereal and jarred bananas that are leftover.  But if Stella or Charlotte leave behind something untouched…I’m apt to finish it off instead of throwing it away.  AND that’s in addition to my plate and anything I snacked on while cooking!  And those calories definitely add up.
A friend at work just joined WW and we usually eat lunch together.  So I considered it as well.  Holding myself accountable just wasn’t cutting it.  I’m not into the WW meetings, etc. but I knew if I had to log my meals into the computer each day, that would make me think twice about what I eat.  That’s my focus…eating better.  I recently read this post on the Nourish Blog about weight loss plans and why they do work.  Cherylanne takes the magic out of it and hones in on what’s important.  So for me, WW is what I am choosing because I know it works for me and more importantly makes me seriously think about food choices.
The hardest part in all of this is that the point system has changed since 2002.  I can no longer do the formula in my head and a lot of things I used to eat have gone up in points – although so has my daily allotment.  So it’s going to take some time to get used to the new PointsPlus program, but I think I’m going to like it.  And fruit is now ZERO…about time.
Yesterday was Day 1 and I already dipped into my weekly flex points.  BUT I also put the candy bar down and ate some grapes instead.  Baby steps to get rid of the baby weight!  I’m taking it one day at a time and being realistic.  I have a lunch meeting today at Max & Erma’s.  I will still get the chicken tortilla soup, but I’ll add a salad (no breadstick) instead of a burger and I will not get the usual Cherry Coke.  (And, yes, I know that salads can be deceiving and aren’t always healthy!)

Here’s hoping my summer wardrobe will fit…I missed those clothes last year (too pregnant) and look forward to getting them out again now that all of my maternity clothes are boxed up and out of sight.

Anyone else following Weight Watchers or something similar??

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  1. Tricia I have done WW in the past. Adam and I did it in 2005 for our wedding. It REALLY does work! We followed the old WW program. I have tried to start again and keep losing my motivation. I am not looking to be a super model, I just want to feel comfortable and secure with myself. For once, this is about ME! I want to get in the pool with the kids and not feel like I need to be in water up to my chest to hide my body.
    I did not join WW this time. I have decided to follow what I know. I think it is harder because I am not “weiging in” every week. I can get on the scale and say “better luck next week”.
    I am interested in the new Points Plus program I just don’t know how it works. I love the fact that fruits are FREE! If you have any info to share I would be very greatful!
    Good luck! If you are looking for a WW buddy, let me know!

  2. So happy for you! Although I think you look GREAT I do get it! Once baby #2 is here I will be seeking your advice because I think WW would be great for me too to get that baby weight off…… GOOD LUCK!

  3. I am currently a member that has been off the wagon. I have great success in the past and plan to have success again. Because you started WW, I actually have not touched Girl Scout cookies in 24 hours…I am starting to have tremors. Just kidding. Good luck! You can do it!

  4. I completely understand the Coke thing. I was pop-free for 3 years, initiated by wanting to be healthier during pregnancy. I had one glass ~3 years ago, and I was immediately hooked again. It seemed so luxurious. Now, it’s Coke, Cherry Coke, and as you probably can guess, Barq’s Root Beer that does me in. About every-other dsy. Ergh! Why?

    I also snack constantly. I don’t find myself cleaning off the kids’s plates… Heavens, their food is so cold, it’s practically congealed or petrified by the time C is done eating. Slowest. Eater. In. The. World.

    Rather, I find myself eating like crazy at get-togethers or out to eat. I think it’s it’s b/c I don’t enjoy cooking, so everone else’s food tastes so darn good to me. And, I love appetizer-type food. But I’ve noticed that I’m going for thirds while everyone else is finished and chatting. Oops.

    I have such a sweet tooth.

    So, you’re making me consider doing WW online. I’ve long though it would be a good fit b/c it seems reasonable (not extreme tactics) and I think it would teach me HOW to eat healthy. I panic though, b/c I really don’t know what will motivate me to actually keep afood log. I know that’s so important, but I’ve tried it in the past, and I can’t do it… The reason why is crazy: it makes me feel like such a failure, right out of the gate, even though I haven’t even gotten to the part of actually changing my eating.


    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  5. I am right there with all of you ladies! Having only 2 babies in 2 years, I never got back into my clothes after the first baby.. I even had to have my wedding ring re-sized. Now that my ‘baby’ just turned one and I still look 6 months preggo, I decided to take a different approach as well. Fred convinced me to get a trainer for 3 months. Think about it, we pay money for all kinds of crazy things for our kids, our hubbys, our house, etc, but we never think to pay money to help ‘us’ get some sort of form back to our bodies. Like one of your readers mentioned, I just want to get into the pool this summer without feeling like I have to wear something over my body up until the second I jump in. grrr grr
    So anyway, lets face it, I need to really focus on weight loss, so as my trainer tells me, I still need to hit the cardio, but I will say that after about 4 weeks of meeting with her (2 times a week), I can already notice measurable changes in my body. So this is a bit of a motivation to get going on the cardio on days when I’m not with the trainer. I’m still a little slow going, but for the first time in 3 years, I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Coke Classic is evil. I love it. I equate it to others ‘smoking’ habits. Seriously, I cant get enough of it. I even chose my restaurants by the type of beverages they serve. I can tell you every place that serves Pepsi! 🙂 It is terrible!
    Fred and I have both had success with WW, we never did the meetings, but we did the concept, as you mentioned about you and Andy. We have talked about getting back on the wagon, I heard there was a whole new point system…
    keep us posted!!!!

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