Will We Survive Sans Interruption?

The following is a real conversation I had with a friend one week ago on Friday morning:
Me – So, we’re leaving here around noon and hope to be at the in-laws by dinner.  And your plans for the weekend?
Her – We’re going tubing tomorrow.
Me – Awesome.  Who’s watching the baby?
Her – X is watching the baby…the oldest 3 are going to Y’s house.
Me – What?  You’re not taking the kids?
Her – You too…you’re the second person to point that out…don’t make me feel guilty.
Me – Guilty?  I think it’s AWESOME! 
(Interruption = My girls fighting over paper to color on.)
Her – So I saw on your blog that someone’s comments were removed.  Did someone get mean or inappropriate?  Because that was an interesting topic about Nutmeg.
Me – No, someone posted something and then deleted it and then posted even more.  I think they hit post too quickly.
Quick discussion that led us to the realization that we probably all judge others in order to justify our own actions to ourselves…
(Interruption = Her daughter wants a snack before lunch.)
Her – Did you see that Oprah?
(Interruption = Stella telling on Charlotte for something.)
Me – Anyway, I’m so glad you are blogging again!

Her – Yes, but I keep reading the blog of the woman in the Dominican Republic and keep feeling like my blog is not stuff people would want to read.  Husband said I have to get over that.
Me – You have to define your purpose and set your blog up for that.  And don’t move to the Dominican to save the world…you are already one-upping most of us right here.
(Interruption = my girls fighting over the one SpongeBob pencil.)
Me – I seriously can’t believe you’ve been pronouncing the baby’s name wrong (foster child).  You should have just told them you’re going to change it anyway once she’s yours.
Her – (Stifles a laugh).  Well, I’m not sure about that.  We still can’t decide what we’re going to do.  We’re thinking of the following…(suggests many variations of baby’s current name).
(Me sidetracked doing laundry)
Her – No response?
Me – I’m going to have to think about those.
Her – That’s a nice way of saying you don’t like any of them!?!
Me – Nope, just trying to process.  May have met my multi-tasking limit.  Focused on finishing the laundry and the kids bickering and I swear you said “Almond Joy” as one of the names and I know that can’t be right?
(Interruption = Her baby is stuck and crying.)
Her – Hey, one of your work friends commented on my blog.  We’re sharing blog comment friends now.
(Interruption = Charlotte is at my legs because she’s hungry.)
Me – Where were we?  I don’t know, but are you sure you’re ok with us staying with my dad in Florida?
Her – Sure.  It will be fun.
(Interruption = Her daughter still wants a snack.)
Her – Did you see the link to the people on Kelly’s blog who adopted the Down Syndrome baby which led to the baby’s original family then adopting a Down Syndrome baby?  Wow.
Me – Yes.  Wasn’t that crazy?
Her – Again, makes me think I should be doing more.
Me – Seriously, do not move to another country or adopt 10 more kids…I can’t handle it. (Because it’s all about me.)
(Interruption = I don’t even remember what it was.)
Me – What were we talking about?  This is why we have to blog.
Her – So we can get our thoughts out and at least read each other’s?
(Interruption = Stella tells me that Charlotte cannot color, because she only knows how to scribble.  Charlotte’s crying – insisting she does know how to color “SISSY”…seriously??  )
Me – Yep, because we never finish a thought in conversation.
Her – Exactly.
Me – Have a good weekend.
Her – You too.
What were we talking about?  Who knows.  But we do this.  Constantly. Every. Day.  And multiple times a day.  And we’re almost used to it.  If you followed any of that, you did better than me.  I’m sure all of you mommies have been there.
In about a week, we’ll be together for almost 4 days straight with no spouses, no kids, no interruptions…the thought almost scares me.  Will we be able to have an actual conversation?  Do we even know what it’s like to finish a thought?  Will we try to out-talk each other? 

Will we be caught in silence for lack of where to start??  Doubt it!

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