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<Whatcha Might Not Know are Wednesday posts that are just that…something quick that you may or may not know about me, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my world, etc.>
What some of you might not know is that Andy and I dealt with infertility for 2 years on our journey to become parents.  Seriously.  We may have 3 kids now…and back-to-back so I’m sure I look like Fertile Myrtle, but it took a long time coming.  That said, I truly never take being a parent for granted.  I am blessed by it.  I may joke and tease and tell stories about my crazy children…but humor gets me through having three kids aged 3 1/2, 2, and 5 months old.
However, this post isn’t actually about me.  It’s about those still struggling with infertility or experiencing it for the first time.  Take a moment today and think about these women – you may even be one of them.  If you are already a mom, hug your kids tighter tonight. 
Early this morning I retrieved an egg sandwich (shown at the beginning of the post) while a co-worker had her actual eggs retrieved.  I had a McGriddle, Hashbrown and OJ from Mc D’s in order to wish her luck.  A few of us decided to do it because it’s been a ritual for her during round after round of IVF.  Her constant meal on this very important day – so constant I put it on a post-it to get it just right.  Will my meal help her eggs?  No.  But I hope it lets her know I was thinking about her all morning.
To read her truly well-written description of living with infertility, click here.
(Totally digressing and turning the focus back to me…some of you know that I eat 1 cup of measured cereal with 1/2 cup of skim milk and 4 oz of OJ on the side EVERY morning…this was truly for YOU Spotted Elephant!  I finished the meal – see below – but don’t plan on doing it again!  I burped it all morning…yuck.  And it was also fun eating this while sitting at the table with the 2 highest positioned people in my company – Chairman and CEO.  One even questioned why I brought my own breakfast to a company workshop that provided breakfast and I didn’t get a chance to explain since we were cut off to listen to an outside speaker and then they all left.  Oh, and I was photographing it all in front of them?!?)
Both authors of Surviving Motherhood have dealt with trouble getting pregnant…one in the past and one in the present.  More and more women are speaking out about it to let others know you are not alone if you are experiencing this as well.  And miracles do happen…I just tucked in three of them.

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  1. I read the link to your friend’s story…wow. Very well expressed. My heart breaks for her and everyone in her position. A childhood friend of mine who I still adore despite only keeping in sporatic touch via FB wrote me a message last month telling me that after 10 years of trying that she and her husband were expecting…due in March. I teared up as I told anyone who I thought might genuinely care as much as I did: my mom, my sister, a mutual childhood friend. I can only imagine all that she went through but am happy for stories like yours and hers that end happily. I’ll send positive thoughts your friend’s way that the same holds true for her.

  2. The McDonald’s Trifecta (as Kara coined it) is the best! Thank you SO much for your support and solidarity. It must have helped, because we got 12 eggs – almost double our previous best! It also helps tremendously to know that there are people out there who GET my journey – either because they know the pain firsthand or because they are willing to step outside their own perspective and feel with someone else. You are all lifesavers!

  3. I TOTALLY think it was the McDonalds trifecta… not the hormones, prayers and work that Kim has been giving to her baby. 🙂


  4. Based on our post today, I’ve decided to keep notes and maybe someday write a book of my own and have been thinking about the name…what do you think….

    “Pro’s to scheduling sex with your husband…the upside to infertility!”

    For instance, if we have a disagreement – we need to make up quickly because otherwise there will be no “baby making” tonight! It’s a bonus for both our sex life AND the intimacy of our relationship! That’s a win-win right there! 🙂

  5. Infertility is a horrible thing to live with, after 8 years of trying everything we decided to adopt. Adoption has been the greatest blessing for our family and I don’t take my kids for granted, they are just what I said a BLESSING. I LOVE being a mom and I’m now thankful for the infertility because without it I wouldn’t have my precious kids.

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