Listen Carefully

So, I was in the break room at just the perfect moment the other day and planned to share my story here on the blog.  However, my new friend Kim beat me to it on her blog…so I’m sharing the story from her point of view (which basically means I saved time because she already wrote it for me).  This story is exactly why I go to work…it’s just so amusing:

Best office conversation ever today in the kitchen/break room:

Me (Kim) – I heard a story on the radio today about people deciding whether to circumsize their baby boys.

Kara – My nephew is circumsized.

Tricia – My son is circumsized – he healed really quickly.

Enter “A”, a sweet, mild-mannered young woman I don’t know extremely well.

A – What are you guys talking about? “A” begins making her oatmeal.

Kara – Penises!

A – God, that sounds good!

Kara, Tricia, and I look at each other. Did she just say that? “A” continues to make her oatmeal as though she had just asked about the weather. She looks up and sees our surprised faces.

A – Didn’t you say pizza?

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