10K Tuesday – T-shirts, Tattoos & Tutus

This week has been a slow-go AGAIN.  We said goodbye to Charlotte’s paci now that she’s a big 2-year old and the evenings/nights haven’t been so great which makes the 4:30 wake-up call a snooze button festival!  Sorry dear.  (I am married to a man that NEVER uses snooze.)  And my stress-fracture site (these kind of injuries live with you FOREVER) is feeling a bit tender, so I got on the treadmill a couple of times, but took it easy.  I will NOT give up, I will NOT quit.  I WILL finish the 10K in April…even if I have to walk the damn thing.

Finding a way to incorporate exercise is too important to me.  And GOTR is even more special.  See my girls above?  All dolled-up in their GOTR t-shirts and tattoos (on their hands – Charlotte is showing you hers in the last picture)?  They are why I do this…get my feet moving to raise money for GOTR Cincinnati. 

So…please keep following me on this journey – I appreciate your supportive comments, encouraging comments!  And, if possible, consider donating to GOTR Cincinnati.  Either donate directly on their site or support me on my fundraising page. 

Click here: Tricia’s GOTR Fundraising page

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