Udderly Cool

Here’s a product I never thought I’d own…a Bottle Snuggler.  And I could only  imagine myself and my opinion of it back a couple of years when I only had one child.  I’m sure I would have seen it and thought, “Who does that?”  If I had seen a friend with one I’d probably consider (even if just for a moment) reporting her to 241-KIDS due to neglect of a child.  We all know that bonding while feeding is KEY TO DEVELOPMENT (whatever).
Oh how times change!  And how being a parent of multiple kids also makes your opinions change.  I discovered this miracle-working gadget way too late with Charlotte.  (My jaw dropped when I saw a friend pull one out at her house…it almost helped me believe that having a 3rd could be easy.)  It would have saved me on multiple occasions.  So now that Henry is on a bottle and has great head control…this is a LIFESAVER.  I generally only use it on work days during the witching hour when Andy is still at work and I’m trying to get dinner on the table with toddlers craving attention underfoot.  This is when I need an extra set of hands the most.
What I don’t agree with is the Bottle Snuggler’s advertisements when you pull up their website.  You will notice loving pictures of parents cuddling their baby and “Holds Bottle While You Hold Baby” pops us.  Now I ask, If you have time to sit and hold your baby, why are you using this??  Are you too LAZY to hold the bottle?  Too sleep-deprived? (I might give you that one.)  Is it giving you an arm cramp?  Now that’s just PATHETIC.  Let’s all admit what this is for – so you don’t have to hold the kid!  Nice try Bottle Snuggler…thanks for trying to help our guilt…but NOT realistic.  Let’s just delete those photos and call it as it is…”This product is really for moms of multiple kids that have trouble finding a way to feed an infant while the 3 year old and 2 year old are screaming at her legs for dinner upon arriving home after work.  SO…instead of neglecting your newborn like you have been, here’s help to get that bottle down.”
And those of you that now want to call 241-KIDS on me…I’m not putting Henry in the other room in front of the tv to enjoy that bottle.  He’s right next to me in his feeding chair at the kitchen counter…don’t worry, I read the “babies should never be left alone/choking” disclaimer.  And if you only have one kid and I catch you using it…I’m still calling 241-KIDS about you just for being LAZY.

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