Seeing a Pack ‘n Play Through Rose-Colored Glasses

So last night I had to take the girls to swim lessons by myself.  I felt great about it because Andy was going to the Xavier game.  Then it changed to Andy had to work late and I was still taking the girls by myself.  Feeling great about it switched to dreading it.  Selfishly it had nothing to do with putting up with cranky kids by myself around bedtime…I just didn’t want to get into a bathing suit and sing “this is the way we wash our _________ (insert different body parts for 3-4 verses)” while rubbing a sponge on my daughter that I’m sure was just recently in another kid’s mouth (because, of course, Charlotte puts it up to her mouth immediately = gross).  Argh. 

Fast forward to the end of the lesson (in which Charlotte screamed for ‘baby Henry’ most of the 30 minutes while splashing me in the face – the instructor uses a baby doll to demonstrate things and Charlotte really wanted that baby, but I digress.)  Now I’m in the locker room and have to dress 3 of us.  Stella cooperates, Charlotte does not.  I am trying to logistically figure out how to work this situation – and thanking GOD that no one else is in there at the moment.  I go to the last resort – using the locker room pack ‘n play.

Me decribing the pack ‘n play to Andy in 2008 when we first started swim lessons with Stella = “I cannot believe there is a pack ‘n play in the locker room.  It’s disgusting.  Who knows who/what has been in it.  Lots of kids touch it and one kid put his mouth on it.  I’m sure it’s never been cleaned.  There are stain marks on it.  I cannot believe a woman actually put her kid in it – what was she thinking…it’s just so gross.”

Fast forward to 2011 = “Andy, thank GOD for the pack ‘n play in the locker room.  Charlotte took one look at it and asked to be in it since she was so tired.  So as soon as I changed her, I stuck her in it and then dressed Stella and myself.  If not for that pack ‘n play, I seriously would have considered leaving in my wet swimsuit and a towel so that Charlotte wouldn’t  run for the toilet and/or pool and I’d have to chase after her half naked (because you know she’d wait until I was unclothed).  The pack ‘n play SAVED ME!”

Bedtime prayer = Please dear Lord, don’t let Charlotte wake with something infectious tomorrow…she, of course, rolled around in the damn thing the moment I plopped her down.  Amen.

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  1. Maybe next time instead of “Baby Henry” in the pool it will be “Baby Jesus” & Charlotte will pull a John the Baptist on you guys. 🙂


  2. Dude – let me know next time you guys have a swim lesson, I would LOVE to help out with the kiddos! 🙂 You need to lean on your friends with only ONE kid and use us while you can! Seriously…CALL ME! -Kim

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