RABOM – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

My headband and hair bow hobby which was supposed to save me tons of money by making bows instead of buying them has cost me tons of $$ in supplies because of how much I love it!  Andy often says, “You saved a few bucks not buying hair bows already made, BUT we have hundreds of dollars worth of supplies in our dining room…how does that make sense?”  He’s the finance guy…that’s for sure. 
Anyway, I do buy lots of ribbon, crochet headbands, alligator clips, french clips, headbands, tulle, etc.  Early on I became a member of RABOM.  It’s a great website and their customer service is exceptional.  I highly recommend it to other crafters.
Be sure to check out my new “Headbands and Hair Bows” page if you need an accessory for a little girl in your life…help support my habit!

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