"Let Go of Jesus!"

Stella got this Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set her very first Christmas and we only get it out during the month of December.
And with Stella in Sunday School this year, she’s learning much more about Baby Jesus (yes, we have to pay someone to teach our daughter about God) and both girls took an interest to playing with the Nativity during the holidays.  So Andy and I were used to hearing the girls talk about “Jesus”.

However, shortly after Christmas Andy and I overheard the girls screaming at each other…”Let go of Jesus!” and “Give me back Jesus!”  BUT, the Nativity was already put away.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm…
We quickly realized that the newest addition to our family (a baby doll given to Charlotte for Christmas) has been christened “Baby Jesus”…possibly due to being wrapped in a swaddling towel?
So here are some pictures of our Baby Jesus who the girls refuse to rename.  I see it as a sign that we apparently need a little more God in our lives.  Or maybe we just need a little more laughter, because here’s what we’ve overheard the past couple of weeks:
“I’m taking Jesus for a walk.”
“Have you seen Jesus?”
“Stop! Baby Jesus is hurt!”
“I got Jesus in this (stroller).  He’s so little, he’s in the back.”
“Let me protect Jesus.  I have to protect him because Charlotte is coming.  And when she sees him, she’ll say I WANT JESUS.”
“Where’s Jesus?  (And now screaming) Has anyone seen Jesus???”

Not even Jesus automatically gets the front seat!

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  1. Tricia, I love this! Having Jesus living in your house is pretty special!

    One time when my son was four or five he asked me if there were sidewalks in heaven. I said, “I’m not sure but there are streets of gold.” He said, “well I sure hope there are sidewalks cause I want to ride my tricycle!”

    Sounds to me like you and Andy are doing a great job “training up your children.” (Proverbs 22:6)

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m still smiling!

  2. I love it. GIVE ME BACK JESUS! We went to a Christian school- I’m shocked we never named anything Baby Jesus. That is hysterical. Found you at Anna and Kelley’s linkup.

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