In Desperate Search of a Laundry-Folding Fairy

Laundry is a never-ending battle at my house – especially with three kids and one of them being an infant.  I particularly hate laundry during the winter since our clothes are much heavier and “longer” – sleeves and pants instead of tanks and shorts – which then fills the washer up much quicker.

Actually, getting the laundry clean is not that difficult for me.  I always try to get clothes in the washer whenever I can.  I don’t resort to a “laundry day”.  I do it all week long.  However, I’m the type that will put a load in the dryer (if it’s towels, sheets, or the kids’ clothes) and go to bed or leave the house.  I’m a multi-tasking queen at getting it done.  (So what if my kids are a bit wrinkled…that’s the least of their problems, I’m sure.)  And it definitely helps that our laundry room is right off of our kitchen. 
The fight is with the folding.  I’m a folder.  99% of my clothes and my kids’ clothes get folded and put on shelves or in drawers.  I barely hang anything.  And don’t even ask me about ironing…I think I own an iron, but I’d have to ask my MIL where it is since she’s the only one that ever uses it.  (I actually know people – not just one crazy momma, but multiple – that iron infant clothes, but I’ll save another post for that INSANE concept.  I don’t iron my own clothes, I’m sure as hell not ironing a onesie that will most likely get crapped all over!  Ok, must save the rest for another day.)
So I need a folding fairy…desperately.  Just see the photo below.  That’s my laundry room yesterday morning.  ALL six of those baskets of clothes and towels = CLEAN.  And the dryer is full.  But now everything needs folded.  Argh.  Do you think if I got this t-shirt for Andy he’d magically turn into a folding fanatic?  I can’t complain, he already is the towel folder (there wasn’t a shirt for that)…what more can a girl ask for?

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  1. Oh girl, I can swap some ironing stories you! Probably best kept out of the printed word! I can fold all day long, I can not put the clothes away! Although with my newly found free time, I am making a better effort!

  2. So I have to admit that I’m an ironing junkie. Its not that I love the act of ironing – I kind of hate it. But I feel icky (that is the technical term) if I am wearing anything with wrinkles or creases. Kara claims you can do wonderful things with a tumble in the dryer but it hasn’t worked for me. Confession time: I iron my pajamas. I know I have a problem.

  3. All of Julian’s clothes get ironed…except socks and underwear! Call it a British thing I guess! I’m with you, I do a load of laundry every day and if he wants his “pile” ironed then he takes Luke out of the house for an hour and I put a movie on and iron! So I guess it’s not all bad! I would NEVER think of ironing infant clothes. When Luke’s clothes come out of the dryer wrinkled I turn the dryer back on for 20 minutes OR I use this great wrinkle spray on then when I hang his shirts up – works like a charm and easier than folding!! Julian almost always folds everything and I put it all away, whatever works right?! 🙂

  4. Kim – Kara told me your PJ secret. That’s hilarious. Kim – I’d iron if it gave me an hour to myself!! I’ll have to look into that wrinkle spray.

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