I’m a SoleMate!

From now until April 30th, Tuesday’s post will be named “Training Tuesday” and will follow my experiences training for a 10K…while still working, while still taking care of three children, while still getting chores accomplished at home, while still getting bills paid, while still finding time to blog, etc.  How on earth will I fit this in?  Let’s find out together.  If it’s anything like the past three days, it will be an absolute comedy. 
So for this first post, here’s the quick and dirty on why I am doing this:
1)      I absolutely LOVE Girls on the Run.
2)      I wish I had more time/energy/money to give to Girls on the Run.
3)      I quit breastfeeding Henry earlier than with the girls, which more than anything means I lost my weight-loss program about 3 months earlier than I had hoped.
4)      My normal clothes do not fit due to #3 (both the above statement and #3 himself = Henry).  Did you know that breastfeeding burns on average 500 calories a day?!? 
5)      I enjoy time on my treadmill – which translates to…it’s the only time I get to watch what I want to on TV.
6)      I ran a ½ marathon when we lived in Birmingham.  And although that did result in a pelvic stress fracture, I know I can realistically do a 10K.
So I registered for the Flying Pig’s 10K and I made the commitment to be a Girls on the Run SoleMate.  I bought brand new running shoes and socks.  I dusted off the treadmill.  I dvr’d “The Bachelor” – mindless enough for running but keeps me curious enough to get back on the treadmill for more.  Two weeks went by and nothing went as planned…shoes remained in the box.
Saturday I bit the bullet.  The kids somewhat cooperated during naptime and I was able to take my first steps.  Mission accomplished.  For me, the first steps are the hardest.  However, what I completely forgot was that the last time I was on the treadmill I was 38 weeks PREGNANT.  Wow!  What a difference…I could breathe AND go faster than a 20 minute mile without my heart exploding!  That was encouraging.  Sunday was awesome.  My mom asked for the kids for an hour so I got to lace up the sneakers again.
Monday was the comedy show.  I was off of work and had planned to try naptime again, but Henry did not cooperate and my brother came over and we rented a movie.  (However, I finally folded the six loads of laundry.)  But the need to get on the treadmill did not leave me.  By 5:00 it was killing me.  I knew if I waited until Andy got home it would never actually happen because the evenings are crazy. 
So I had to “go into war” alone.  I got ready for battle.  Our treadmill is in the basement in a room right off of our rec room.  So I set the girls up to play in the rec room and put Henry in his bouncer by the treadmill.  Things were going great, but the girls were fascinated with the…TV I was watching, not the treadmill.  I caved and turned their TV in the rec room on because I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend my treadmill time 1) talking to them or 2) watching Dora.  I finally got them to exit my space and was back at it. 
They say you are at a good pace if you can hold a conversation.  I don’t think the following conversations from my little visitors who kept popping back in the picture are what they are talking about:
Me, the mommy – Charlotte, seriously, leave your brother alone.
Charlotte – Baby Henry lose paci.  Where paci go?  (While poking all around him.)
Stella – What are you doing?
M – Walking.
S – WHY?
M – For exercise. To be healthy.
S – Oh, are you a girl on the run?
M – Sure. 
M – Charlotte, seriously, quit taking Henry’s lady bug.  Let him play with it.  He’ll be sad.
C – Baby Henry, sad?  Don’t cry.  (While dangling the toy in his face and then pulling it away when he grabs for it.  She then laughs.)
Stella – What are you doing now?
M – Jogging.
S – WHY?
M – For exercise. To be healthy.
S – Oh, are you still a girl on the run?
M – Sure. 
M – Charlotte, seriously, get back here with Henry’s paci and lady bug.  He’s so sad.
C – Baby Henry want paci?  (While shoving it back in his mouth and then yanking it out and running away laughing.)
Stella – What are you watching?
M – A mommy show. (“The Bachelor”)
S – Can I watch?
M – No.
S – Why?
M – Because it’s for mommies. 
S – Are those princesses?
M – Not really. 
The cycle continued for the 28 minutes it took me to complete the 2-mile workout.  The minute I was finished?  The girls were playing happily together in the other room ignoring the TV (theirs and mine)…go figure.
How do you find time to exercise??

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