First "Baby Jesus", Now Mary, the Lost Sheep & More…the Religious Conspiracy Occurring at Our House

As I mentioned in a previous post, “Baby Jesus” has moved into our house.  He’s still present and is now accompanied by “Mary” as Stella has renamed herself.  I’m still not used to “Baby Jesus” being fought over, strolled around, etc. and now to hear Stella correcting Charlotte, “My name is MARY” as she cradles “Baby Jesus” just makes me laugh.
Stella is a serious learner and follower of directions. She discussed the Parable of the Lost Sheep at Sunday School and for over a week we’ve now been playing hide and seek with a cotton ball on a popsicle stick.  It’s getting old…the sheep hides under our bed…every time.  And Stella still thinks it’s hilarious when we find it…every time.

We have finally moved on to playing tea party and restaurant again.  She introduced me to Charlotte “the restaurant girl” and said her name was “Euralla”.  (Thanks to a co-worker for helping me spell that one!  Although I didn’t tell her why I was spelling it and at first she thought I was talking about some body part she was unaware of.)
Me, the mommy – Stella, what’s her name?
Stella – Mom, it’s Euralla.
M – Say it slower so I can understand.
S – Euralla.
M – Like, (pronouncing it slower) “Your-alla”?
S – Yep.
M – Ok.
S – And you can call me Louisa.
So for about 30 minutes, Euralla and Louisa served up coffee, tea, eggplant, onions, bananas, broccoli, etc.
Then in the middle of the night, it hit me.  I sat up…”Holy Crap” with true emphasis on the HOLY!  Stella is now calling Charlotte “Euralla” OR (wait for it) “Your ALLAH”.  AllahSeriously?  Is there hidden meaning?  Charlotte can definitely be a HOLY terror, but, come on!?!
Maybe I’m over thinking things…or maybe the girls will be gathering stuffed animals two by two before I know it…

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  1. Ha! Maybe so! The part abouther hiding the sheep under the bed EVERY TIME made me laugh out loud. I can so identify!

    Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny!

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