10K Tuesday

I’ve actually done pretty well over the past week.  I’m slowly working myself into the new running routine.  Random observations from the past week’s workouts:

  • Managed to run a 12-minute mile this week!  Yay!  Baby steps…
  • The 4:30 alarm going off…not so “YAY!”  Glad I only had to do that one morning this past week.
  • Our “treadmill TV” is about to drive me crazy.  Last year it started to have a discolored picture and seems too new for that type of problem, but too old to return.  The only thing we can think is causing it is that it is directly under the refrigerator and read that they could be interfering with one another (seriously?).  But now there is something wrong with the Dish connection and the picture is fuzzy…and still discolored.  Throw me a bone!  All I want is some alone TV time…argh.
  • Twilight Series – I’ve read all of the books, only seen the first movie, personally know some Twi-Moms (there is even a FB page for these people!), and just finally watched the Oprah with the cast that I dvr’d last summer while on the treadmill.  For all of you haters, I have to agree with Oprah; Twilight or not, it caused a reading frenzy by many that never read and that is just awesome.  As an avid reader I can support that!
  • Skipped one treadmill workout to shovel snow…still felt like a workout.
  • I’m a closet-watcher of Big Love on HBO.  Just like a train-wreck…can’t quit watching.  Loved the opening show this season.  Good use of treadmill time.

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