I Love to Eat – November 2017 Edition

I always enjoy sharing some of my favorite places to eat – for date nights or family nights. So you might have already read my older posts about favorite restaurants. But since I’m always out trying new things, here’s the latest installment.

Holtman’s Donuts – West Chester (and OTR and Loveland)

Holtman’s Donuts have been a family favorite for quite awhile. We discovered them down in Over the Rhine and have often brought them home for the next morning many times. However, now there is one closer to our house and it is just dangerous. They truly are some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. And I like just the basic glazed. They have crazy varieties (maple bacon anyone?), but again, I go with the traditional. Yum.

16 Lots Brewing Company – Mason

We usually have a good idea of the breweries on the horizon. But this one? It just popped up out of nowhere on us. Like the new Holtman’s, this one is located near our house which will probably make it a regular stop for us. Not only is the location key, but it is also family friendly AND has Mad Monks Pizza onsite. We ordered a pizza and salads and they were very yummy. The kids enjoyed playing shuffleboard and darts with their friends.

Nada & Bru Burger – Downtown Cincinnati

We’ve been downtown lately for a couple of Aronoff shows. If given the opportunity, we like to eat beforehand or afterwards downtown. Nada and Bru Burger both do not disappoint. Like my previously posted favorite, Prime, these restaurants are right next to the Aronoff and take reservations. Bru Burger has a better family friendly menu in my opinion. Nada has a more date-night feel to me. You can’t go wrong with either. At Bru Burger, try the BBQ nachos! And at nada, the guacamole is beyond fantastic and be sure to order the salmon or pork belly tacos.

Incline Public House – Price Hill

This is a hidden gem. I mostly love going here during the warmer times of the year when I can sit on the patio and enjoy the view of the city. Everything on the menu is delicious. Just go.

Alfio’s buon cibo – Hyde Park Square

I saved the best for last and have zero photos. All I can say is WOW. Make a reservation now. Just do it. Order the appetizer empanada quatro. Share some ravioli. You must try the short rib ravioli at least once. But be warned, because it is very rich. A half serving is almost enough for most people. Andy got the ravioli duo – short rib and five cheese angus. I got the scallops and shrimp diavolo. Both were delicious and shareable. We were too full for dessert…even too full for a stop at Graeter’s on the square.

Where should I eat next?

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