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While staying at the hotel for our house remodel, we ran into a lot of Main Event Entertainment staff. We struck up a conversation with Ryan from Texas who told us all about the new location here in West Chester and told us to stop in sometime soon. Today Andy and I had a date with Stella and the weather was yucky so we decided to try out the new Main Event Entertainment since it’s right down the street from us. We are so glad we listened to Ryan and gave it a try. Stella had a blast…and we did too!


We started with the Gravity Ropes Course. It was high above all of the video games. They secure you in a harness and then you are off to complete as many obstacles as you want. Stella and Andy were much braver than me. You basically walk across swaying bridges, tightropes, etc. from platform to platform high above everyone else. At one point, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back down on my own…but I did!


We played a few video games until our Laser Tag game was ready. It wasn’t very crowded on a Sunday morning so we were the only three in laser tag at the time. It was still a ton of fun. And Stella was playing us against each other secretly “teaming” with both me and Andy to get the other one. Did not realize she was that conniving!


Then we played a few more games. There are TONS. Everything from air hockey to skee ball to motorcycle races to basketball pop shots, etc. After that we bowled. The bowling lanes are super cool. You can pick themes and have bumpers for only part of your group. We chose the theme where it takes your photo multiple times and then inserts your face into funny cartoon shots at the end of each bowler’s turn. They were very fun to watch pop up on the screen. Stella was cracking up. We had our own waitress while we bowled and enjoyed the wings and loaded tater tots we ordered.


Overall, we had a blast during the three hours we were there. There are currently 26 locations. Each Main Event Entertainment has similar activities, but not all of the locations offer the same things. While we were at ours we enjoyed the Gravity Ropes Course, Laser Tag, Bowling and Video Games. We did not have time for Billiards or Shuffle Board. There is a bar and a snack area as well as full dining options. Space can be rented for birthday party packages and corporate events. Main Event Entertainment runs seasonal specials. Right now look for a Summer FUNpass promotion. Check out their website for full information on a location near you. We will definitely return to ours!

Anyone been to Main Event Entertainment?

What was your favorite activity?

{Full disclosure: We did stumble upon some free passes from Main Event Entertainment to try it out. However, the Main Event manager had no idea I was a blogger at the time and has no idea I am posting this. All opinions are my own and I would have posted about the new location with or without free games!}

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