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We have a great group of neighborhood ladies who are connected together on Facebook. Our neighborhood is 30+ years old and everyone is starting to update bathrooms, kitchens, backyards, etc. Last fall a few neighborhood moms that it would cool to host our own “Parade of Homes” and see in-person what each other is doing with tile, back-splashes, screened-in porch additions, etc. I got some great ideas that Sunday going house-to-house for 4 hours.

One of the BEST ideas I took home was the chair pocket. My number one problem is losing important papers on my kitchen desk. Very important papers? Not really. Those usually get scanned into the computer and recycled. What I lose are the school papers that need to hang around awhile. The weekly homework, the list of reading words to practice, the instructions for a special project due in two weeks, etc. A neighbor purchased a chair pocket for each of her children for those items. Brilliant.

Obviously, if you are very crafty, you can create your own. If you are not crafty or just don’t have the time (ME!), you can purchase them at local education stores or online. I liked the look of hers and googled Aussie Pouch to get the same ones. There are different styles and measurements to choose from on their website. They are not cheap, but are very durable and worth every penny to me considering it’s changed my life. For real.

When I asked the kids what trim colors they wanted, Andy also chimed in…”Order me an orange one!” Really? I thought he was joking. But, yes, he was serious. Because I also lose his magazines. He likes to flip through them at breakfast and I’m always “putting them away”…but can’t find them later in that desk pile. So we all ended up with chair pockets. And so far everyone is using them properly. They have not become a collection spot for unnecessary items.

One organizational problem solved. A million more to go…

{This was NOT a sponsored post. Aussie Pouch was not involved. All opinions are my own!}

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