Butler County Donut Trail


Our local Visitors Bureau is up to no good. They are not helping with my sugar cravings! They are promoting a Donut Trail throughout our county as a fun tourism activity. You can find all of the information by going to the official Donut Trail website. The main things to understand are that there are 9 donut shops on the trail. At your first stop you need to grab a passport or you can download and print one online. The goal is to visit each shop and write the shop-specific passport code on your passport. Once your passport is full (and so is your belly), you can return your passport to the Visitors Bureau for a FREE Donut Trail t-shirt. The only deadline to complete the trail is the fact that there are apparently a limited number of t-shirts in stock.

One of the moms at our elementary school started a Donut Trail group! Henry and I missed the first adventure last week, but tagged along today. She planned the morning strategically and we caravanned to three of the donut shops on the trail that were in close proximity to each other. It was a lot of fun visiting each shop and noticing the different varieties of donuts.

We completed our stops between 9:30-11:00 AM and all three shops were already sold out of a lot of items. So keep that in mind if you are going for something specific. Always call ahead to verify hours and to see if donuts are still available. We were not picky and still found some sweet treats.


Each shop did indeed have a stack of passports and a decal with the passport code. The employees were super friendly and had fun talking to us about our morning out on the trail. The donuts? Delicious.


Henry had a HUGE donut with sprinkles at stop #1, no donut at stop #2 (we grabbed some to take home to share), and a few donut holes at stop #3. He wanted a HUGE donut at every stop, so set some ground rules ahead of time if you are traveling the trail with children.


It was definitely a fun way to spend the morning. Three stops down…six to go! The girls are going to love getting to share what we brought home with us. I can still smell the donuts!!


What’s your favorite donut?

{This was NOT a sponsored post. The Visitors Bureau nor the bakeries were involved. All opinions are my own!}


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