Snowman Snowball Shooter Craft


The Snowman Snowball Shooter is always a popular item at the school holiday parties. I made them a few years ago with Stella’s class and I’m going to make them again this week with Charlotte’s. The supplies are easy to find, the prep work is not too bad, and the kids love every minute of creating the snowman face and then testing out the cotton ball launcher.

I did learn my lesson after researching them a few years ago and making them the first time. The examples I saw used hot glue and a white balloon. Hot glue is a mess and does not last as long. Many of the balloons and cups came apart quickly. The white balloon just didn’t look as nice to me.



This year I found some black balloons and black Duck Tape. I cut the tape strips in half lengthwise. It worked fantastically. The balloons stay in place launch after launch after launch. To prep the craft for school, I go ahead and cut the buttoms off of the cups, cut the balloon and tape it to the cup. I leave the face decorating to the students. They can use craft paper and glue or makers. Then they put the cotton ball into the cup, pull back the balloon and blast the “snowballs” all over the room. I send each student home with 3-4 cotton balls.

Supplies (for those of you that need an orderly list):

  1. Styrofoam cups (cut off the bottom)
  2. Black balloons (cut off the bottom where you would put your mouth to blow it up)
  3. Black duck tape
  4. Face decorations (markers or colored paper and glue)
  5. Cotton balls


What’s your favorite holiday craft?


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  1. Have you ever tried tying the balloon where you would blow it up and then cutting off the other end? That way they have something better to hold on to when they pull back. I’ve seen both ways but haven’t tried them yet. Wondering what your thought was.

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